Offensive Michael Jackson scene cut from ‘Bruno’ at LA premiere

Yesterday’s shock news of the death of American pop star legend Michael Jackson happened on the same day as the US premiere of “Bruno,” Sacha Baron Cohen’s latest effort, which premiered in Los Angeles last night.

The set up for the premiere film event also covered up Michael Jackson’s star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Fans gathered at radio legend Michael Jackson’s star nearby instead, frustrated they could not access the King of Pop’s sidewalk tribute.

Us Weekly reports that producers of the film pulled a last minute edit on the comedy, where Cohen’s character Bruno is seen mocking LaToya Jackson.

According to the tabloid, “LaToya is tricked into doing an interview with the fake Austrian fashion journalist. Bruno then asks to see her phone, finds Michael’s number and starts saying his number in Austrian to his assistant.”

The European screenings had the full cut showing this edited out scene.

Us Weekly claims that this LaToya Jackson scene, “is not expected to be included in the film’s theatrical release July 10.”

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