Obama credits Spike Lee with winning Michelle over

Barack Obama supporter Spike Lee has revealed his unlikely role in the presidential candidate’s first date with wife Michelle.

While attending the Toronto International Film Festival to promote his new film, Miracle at St. Anna, Spike Lee told “Extra” how he helped bring Barack and Michelle Obama together and why he attended the Democratic National Convention last month.

Lee said that he first met Barack Obama at a fundraiser in Martha’s Vineyard when he was running for the Illinois Senate but admitted, “I didn’t know who he was…He had a funny name.”

Lee said that Obama came up to him and said, “‘You’re responsible for Michelle being my wife.  On the first date we went to see Do the Right Thing.’”

The award-winning director explained why he attended the DNC saying, “My wife and I were in Denver. I was having a good time because I was bearing witness to history being made and it’s not going to stop.”

Lee elaborated, “History will be continually made on November 4th and the pinnacle will be January 20th when the 44th president of the United States, Barack Obama, raises his right hand and puts his left hand on The Bible and takes the oath.”

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