O.J. Simpson graphic tell-all book being shopped

O.J. Simpson is being painted as a horrible, controlling, jealousy ridden rager in a graphic tell-all being shopped around by his ex girlfriend, who hooked up with the disgraced athlete-turned-actor after the Ron Goodman and Nicole Simpson murder trial that let him walk free.

The New York Post writes that Christine Prody, the waitress who became O.J.’s girlfriend is singing publicly about “13 years of cocaine, pregnancy, abuse, jealousy, possessiveness, manipulation, rage. And those are just her nicer topics.”

Prody claims O.J. “controlled her, lured her in, and when she lived with him and no longer maintained her own work schedule, repeatedly kicked her out when she had no place to go and no income.”

Examples culled by the Post from her book being shopped include Prody being pushed out of a moving car at 11 p.m. with their destination 12 miles away. Wearing heels and without a dollar in her pocket, she was “forced” to stay with friends, and only allowing her to have friends selected by him, and vilified her own mother and kept her isolated from her friends and family.

Prody also shares the O.J. denied her emotional and financial support.  The Post writes that Prody also was ratted on by O.J. if she were ever drunk or high, or if she gained a few pounds, O.J. ripped her apart for the weight gain, comparing her body to Nicole’s and “complaining he had to turn the lights off before he could stand making love to her because she looked so awful.”  Prody also reveals forced abortions and continual hostility and jealousy by O.J.

O.J. Simpson is currently doing nine to 33 years for armed robbery and kidnapping in Vegas. Prody’s book is tentatively titled, “Spellbound: My Life With O.J. Simpson.”

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