Now You See Me – Book Review

Lacey Flint is a detective constable in the Metropolitan Police who has been more involved with theft and rape cases than homicides.  After visiting a witness on a tough South London estate, she is horrified to find a woman by her car who has been fatally stabbed. 

Despite being a witness to the finding of the body, Lacey is drawn into the hunt for the killer when she starts receiving hand delivered letters linking the case to Jack the Ripper.  Other murders follow, all similar to those carried out by Jack the Ripper. 

Someone knows about Lacey’s fascination with serial killers – especially Jack the Ripper.  Worse still, the victims have a connection to Lacey that she does not want her colleagues to know about. 

Can the killer be found before Lacey’s life is blown to bits?  What are the secrets Lacey holds so close? The tension is incredible.  You are really drawn into the story.  It is a compulsive page turner, I found that I just could not put it down until I reached the end. 

Even when I thought I knew the identity of the killer – the number of pages still remaining to be read hinted at some surprises to come.

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