Norton – Book Review

A charming real life story for children which is based on the adventures of a cat who traveled the world.  Peter Gethers hates cats – until he meets Norton.  Within a very short time, the duo are inseparable. 

As a tiny kitten, Norton often travels in Gether’s jacket pocket and later as he gets bigger, travels by airplane across the States and even goes to stay in Paris when Peter Gether is asked to work on a film there. This leads to some of the most fascinating scenes for it is definitely Norton who steals the show, and is the guest of honor.

The stewardesses on board the plane ask that the cat be let out of his box to sit with Peter and was even served with food.  There were not even any upsets when Norton decided to go and talk to a dog also traveling on the plane. 

Hotel chambermaids play with him, and he enjoys exploring the building!  A gentle story which will appeal to animal loving children.