No Small Talk In Westeros: Jon Snow’s Disastrous Dinner With Seth Meyers VIDEO


TV Spotlight: Winner of best comedy clip of the day goes to Seth Meyers who conceptualized a segment with Kit Harington (who portrays Jon Snow) of HBO’s smash hit “Game of Thrones” – back this Sunday.

This season sees Snow’s role ramp up as leader at The Wall, as his half sisters Arya and Sansa each are surviving in different ways, not knowing of each other’s fate as the decimated House Stark is slowly pieced back together.

But remember, there is no small talk in the Westeros, let alone The Wall. And of course, Winter Is Coming.

Watch a hilarious skit where Game of Thrones’ resident watcher on The Wall and best bastard Game of Thrones character Jon Snow is a better warrior than he is a dinner guest. He and Seth connected at Cross Fit, and when chit-chat gets banal. count on Snow to bring the harshness of Westeros life to the table. Seven hells of dinner conversation ensue.

Debbie Downer has nothing on him: