Nicole Kidman talks about Tom Cruise and Russell Crowe

Nicole Kidman appeared on Late Night with David Letterman to promote her new film, Bewitched, but ended up being grilled about her personal life.

Letterman started off by questioning Kidman about her feelings regarding ex-husband Tom Cruise and his new relationship with a much younger Kate Holmes.

Kidman replied, “Honestly, if Tom’s in love I’m so happy for him and that’s a very good thing.”

Next, Letterman went on to ask about Kidman’s good friend Russell Crowe and the telephone throwing incident.

Letterman said he took it as a cry for help.  Kidman said, “Dave, leave me out of it.  I can be pulled into so many things and I just want to be left out of it.”

She ended by saying, “I heard what happened and I’m a very good friend of his, one of his best friends I would say. You’re there for your best friends.”

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