‘Nickelodeon Fit’ Makes Exercise Fun for Kids

2K Play and Nickelodeon today announced Nickelodeon Fit, a youth fitness game designed exclusively for the Wii, is scheduled for release February 18 in the UK. It is currently available in North America.

Nickelodeon Fit allows kids to exercise with their favorite Nick characters Dora, Diego, Kai-lan and The Backyardigans. The game features 30 exercise games targeting cardiovascular activity, core muscles, upper and lower body strength, balance, motor skill development and foot and hand-eye coordination. Using either the Wii Remote or the Wii Balance Board, kids can jump rope with the Backyardigans, go river rafting with Diego, leap over hurdles with Kai-lan, pogo stick with Dora and participate in a relay race featuring all of the game’s characters.

Nickelodeon Fit incorporates a tracking feature so parents can monitor the progress of their children in metrics, including total exercise time and different intensities of physical activity on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, they can customize workout routines to focus on designated areas of improvement.

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