News And Notes From The American Museum of Natural History

New York: October news and notes from The American Museum of Natural History

The Butterfly Conservatory

On Saturday, October 8, 500 shimmering tropical butterflies flutter into the Museum for their eighth annual visit.  Traipse through the tropics all winter in their warm and lush habitat, with abundant vegetation and flowering plants, that offers visitors a respite from the cold. Interact with the butterflies in the vivarium, view illustrated displays on the butterfly life cycle and evolution, and learn about conservation efforts.


On Halloween, costumed trick-or-treaters of all ages can wander among the eerie elephants, the unearthly universe, or the dinosaurs of the mysterious Mesozoic. Much-loved characters and roving
musicians entertain the youngsters (and adults too), and friendly volunteers staff arts-and-crafts tables on each floor. Monday, October 31.

Culture and Wine

Meant for amateurs and epicures alike, this five-week course looks at the intertwining of wine and culture through the ages.  Explore the halls of the Museum to make regional connections and to examine your favorite vintages from a cultural vantage point. Each session, sample spirits from around the world.  Five Tuesdays, starting October 11.

Yunnan Revealed

This afternoon of programs offers visitors the unprecedented opportunity to experience the rituals, traditions, and culture of four indigenous cultures of Yunnan Province in China-Dai, Naxi, Wa, and Yi-the same region that inspired the current photography exhibition Voices from South of the Clouds.  Demonstrations of traditional arts, performances, and lectures on culture and religion will reveal the people and their ways of life.  Yunnan will be “revealed” on Saturday, October 15.

The Art of Science

Science is thought to be a straightforward and logical exploration of the natural world, while art is imaginative and fanciful. In reality, science and art go hand in hand to complete our understanding of the vast universe that surrounds us. Explore our universe from an aesthetic perspective and learn how discovery is as much an art as it is a science.  Monday, October 17.

Adventures in the Global Kitchen

The latest edition of the Global Kitchen series serves up a lesson in the culinary creations popular in Chinese cuisine.  This discussion will heighten your appreciation for the variety of foods and flavors of China.  The evening includes travelogues and tastings.  Tuesday, October 25.

A Cosmic Voyage with Dr. Nebula

The Scholastic Store, 450 Central Park Avenue, Scarsdale, New York, 914-725-7201. The American Museum of Natural History and Scholastic have teamed up to bring an exciting Museum event to The Scholastic Store in Scarsdale on Saturday, October 15, at 3:00 p.m.  Science enthusiast and lab assistant, Scooter, takes command of Dr. Nebula’s “laboratory” in a show for the whole family to enjoy.  Follow the link below to find out about other upcoming Dr. Nebula adventures at AMNH.

Family Party

Dance with the dinosaurs and mingle with the mammals at the Twelfth Annual Family Party on Tuesday, October 18.  This year’s party is sure to entertain, with a buffet dinner, live music, hands-on science experiments, cool arts and crafts, live animals, and a tour of two special exhibitions: “Dinosaurs: Ancient Fossils, New Discoveries” and “The Butterfly Conservatory: Tropical Butterflies Alive in Winter.”

Dinosaur Sundays

Try your hand at paleontology with three hands-on workshops for kids and families.  With “Dinosaur Trackways,” “Digging for Dinos,” and “Build Your Own Dinosaur,” participants will learn how to interpret dinosaur footprints, gather evidence, and construct real-life models-just like Museum scientists. Three Sundays, October 9-23.

Dr. Nebula’s Laboratory: Wind and Water

Science enthusiast and lab assistant, Scooter, a character created at the Museum to teach kids about natural phenomena, takes command of Dr. Nebula’s “laboratory” in a theatrical presentation for the whole family to enjoy.  On Saturday, October 22, join Scooter on a whirlwind adventure as she dodges tornadoes and other forces of nature.

The American Museum of Natural History is located at Central Park West and 79th Street in New York City.

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