New young adult book deals with anorexia

Laurie Halse Anderson, the author of “Speak,” has a new young adult novel out, titled Wintergirls,” which deals with an 18 year old girl who has had anorexia since the 8th grade.

The NYT notes: “Written in present tense, in short sections, Lia’s account of the weeks following the death, which detail her own descent into full-blown anorexia, is intercut with flashbacks — about her two failed hospitalizations.”

Booklist states: “Struck-through sentences, incessant repetition, and even blank pages make Lia’s inner turmoil tactile, and gruesome details of her decomposition will test sensitive readers. But this is necessary reading for anyone caught in a feedback loop of weight loss as well as any parent unfamiliar with the scripts teens recite so easily to escape from such deadly situations.”

Published by Viking Juvenile, the book finishes at 288 pages. Read the full NYT review here.

A video is also available at Amazon.


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