New “Throne” for Madonna in each tour stop

According to Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper, uber-fit Madonna is said to be so unnerved at the thought of microbes that she has requested all dressing room toilets to be retro fitted with new toilet seats for every stop on her ‘Confessions‘ world tour.

Britain’s Daily Mirror newspaper reports and unnamed source saying: “The seat has to be inspected by her people, then installed, with an unbroken seal by plumbers before every gig.”

Publicist Liz Rosenberg has defended her hygienic demands. She said: “Who wouldn’t want a new toilet seat wherever they go.”
According to sources familiar with the singer’s “rider”, a performing artist’s contract addendum that outlines specifics when it comes to catering to any star; Madonna requires three candles (to protect her from negative vibes and mean-spiritedness-according to the Daily Mirror), a relaxing foot spa, plenty of pricey Kabbalah water, and a love seat.

Madonna insists her dressing room is to be covered with white drapes and white roses.

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