New Prince memoir shows off a different side

“21 Nights” is the title to Prince’s memoir.

USA Today describes the book as: “a coffee-table tome of Prince’s lyrics and poetry and 124 previously unreleased photographs by Randee St. Nicholas, who shadowed His Purple Highness onstage, backstage, on the streets and in his hotel suite at The Dorchester.”

The reviewer also states:

“Billed as an inner-sanctum invitation, 21 Nights, in stores next week, is hardly a slide show of an unshowered Prince watching pay-per-view in sneakers and beer-stained T-shirts. The style never stops as Prince, his band and his leggy twin dancers are snapped sporting impeccable designer garb in GQ-ready spreads.”

Some of the product description notes:

“21 Nights takes the reader from the passenger seat of a limousine zipping through the streets of London to his sleeping quarters in a luxury hotel. In between we see him and his phenomenal band of musicians, singers and dancers backstage in the make up room to onstage, bathed in purple lights and a fog of gray smoke.

Like a movie-in-a-book, readers are taken on his journey from London to Prague, in a style that takes glam rock to a new level.

Then there is poetry and lyrics that reveal the heart and soul of Prince–in addition to his incomparable talent. Going beyond the catchy hook, he expresses himself on everything from the destructive forces of war, greed and superficiality the life giving energy of love, beauty, and–of course–music.”

Atria is the publisher, and readers can visit the lengthy article courtesy of USA Today.


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