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A recent press release has noted some new titles courtesy of Penguin Press. Those book descriptions include:

Published in paperback by Penguin, 25th June, £12.99

Stories such as the clash of the Titans and the fall of Troy have stirred and shaped our imagination of the classical world. In The Penguin Book of Classical Myths Jenny March guides the reader in a celebration of the most enthralling tales of love, tragedy, revenge and heroism ever told.

From Homer and Hesiod to Camus and Yeats, March displays how these myths, passed down from generation to generation, are inextricably woven into the fabric of our culture. However, these myths are more than stories.

To the Greeks and the Romans they were history and the stories were real events of their past. March has skilfully retold the greatest classical legends of all time and includes information about the origins, development and interpretations of each myth.

To be published for the first time by Penguin Classics, 30th July 2009, £9.99, with a new introduction by Blake Morrison

Empire Snooker Hall, Ealing, 1951 – a “world as strange as China”, and the place where Tim Lott’s parents, Jack and Jean, first met.  In a rapidly changing Britain, Jack and Jean live their lives – marriage, babies, work as a greengrocer and a dinner lady, and holidays in Devon. 

Then, one spring day in 1988, after months of nursing her son out of depression, Jean inexplicably commits suicide.  THE SCENT OF DRIED ROSES is an extraordinarily moving exploration of Lott’s parent’s lives, of England, history, family, love, regret and identity. 

Conjuring up the pebble-dashed home of his childhood, with an “Orwellian command of social and historical nuance”, the book is not just a memoir but a moving story of grief, loss, dislocation, and the power of memory and the bonds of family love.

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