New monkey for Justin Bieber, and more trouble

Justin Bieber apparently has a new monkey, and new complaints over his behavior.

Bieber reportedly kept a plane waiting eight hours while searching for this monkey in Miami while he went off on a search party for his pet in West Palm Beach, according to TMZ.

According to TMZ, the plane was supposed to take off around 11 a.m., but Bieber was running late.

It was closer to 3 p.m. when he reportedly shwed up and he told the pilot that he couldn’t leave until he retreived his pet monkey from West Palm Beach, Fla.
TMZ wrote that Bieber’s mokey business went on another four hours while his plane was held up.

Bieber reportedly left without his new monkey His old capuchin monkey (Mally) was taken away by German border authorities back in late March after Bieber failed to provide the required entry clearance documents for the primate. Now, the monkey has a new home at a wildlife park in Germany.

Bieber was given until May 17, 2013 to produce the proper paperwork to reclaim his pet, but Mally became property of Germain officials after he chose to give up ownership of the adorable critter.

The monkey was reportedly paced at the Serengeti Park in Hodenhagen, after a 25-day stint in quarantine.

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