New from George Pelecanos

“The Way Home” is the most recent title by George Pelecanos.

Booklist notes: “Pelecanos has always been a master at building tension through a sense of inevitability, showing his readers the collision course down which his characters careen while at the same time making us feel their powerlessness to jerk the wheel.

Now, as in The Turnaround, Pelecanos charts two parallel courses: the collision to come and a possible “way home.” If the narrative arc of this novel is a little too similar to its predecessor to be completely satisfying, it still packs a strong emotional wallop while reminding us that it’s possible to tell stories of tentative hope with the same unflinching honesty as those of utter hopelessness.”

However, USA Today notes: “Though not as compelling as some of Pelecanos’s other novels, The Way Home is a well-written and touching story.”

Published by Little, Brown, the novel finishes at 336 pages. More info can be found on Amazon, as well as reader reviews.

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