New children’s book from Sandra Day O’Connor (and Tom Pohrt)

“Finding Susie” is the latest title by Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

According to the product description: “A “perfect pet” story from Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Sandra is growing up on a desert ranch surrounded by animals, but she wants one to have her very own pet. A tortoise isn’t really friendly, a little rabbit is too fearful, and a young coyote howls to rejoin his pack.

A bobcat almost fits the bill, but soon grows too big and fierce to be a housecat. Sandra’s parents let her learn for herself that these animals are best suited to the wild, though it is often hard to let them go.

Finally, a smiley little stray dog finds Sandra. Sandra names the dog Susie, and the two become wonderful friends.”

USA Today has an article that can provide some information.

Published by Knopf Books for Young Readers, the ages are 4-8.


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