New business book: Death to All Sacred Cows

According to a recent AP review, “Death to All Sacred Cows breaks little new ground, but it does present the customary points more engagingly than the average business book does.”

Death to All Sacred Cows: How Successful Business People Put the Old Rules Out to Pasture is the new business book by David Bernstein, Beau Fraser, and Bill Schwab.

Basically the title is referring to those “sacred cows” or more specifically, “These are ideas so entrenched that people don’t even think to challenge them. But these ideas aren’t infallible, the authors argue, and many of them lead to bad business practices,” to quote the AP.

Sort of like the publishing industry and it’s inability to recognize and want to celebrate real talent (i.e. books not drenched in clichés?)

Publishers Weekly has said, “At first the book’s quirky, humorous style is a welcome change from drier business books, but after a while this chattiness starts to distract from the advice, which tends to be old itself, less than cutting edge.”

Hyperion is the publisher. Click here for the AP article.

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