New book thinly veiled expose on Katie Holmes?

Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes are splashed all over the tabloid covers these days, mostly trumpeting the control issues that seem to exist for the young mother, who cannot even go and act on location in Louisiana (Mad Money) without her operating thetan tagging along.

Enter new novel, “Hollywood Car Wash” the premise being a young TV star from the Midwest who enters into a “contractual relationship” with a big established star who wants the air of respectability. cites various celebrity blogs musing that Holmes actually received a copy of the book from a “friend” and is “furious” over it.

The author, Lori Culwell, isn’t saying.  “I do know someone who knows her right now and might have given her the book,” Culwell stated to TMZ. “I can’t discuss any relationship with Katie Holmes, but I am sorry that she’s upset about the book.”

Culwell was advised by her attorney to keep mum, and wouldn’t tell TMZ her exact relationship, if any, with Holmes.

She does claim to TMZ that the book is “all based on real stories,” and that “the main character is based on a person that is never, ever going to talk to me again.”

“Hollywood Car Wash” is a debut novel, about a girl who lands a TV pilot and is forced to lose weight and completely change her appearance to be more marketable — including “new teeth, blonder hair, and a megastar boyfriend with a big secret.”

The publicist for Holmes came out denying any knowledge of the book or that Holmes knew the author, claimed TMZ.

A possible film lurks: “Three production companies are reading it for adaptation now,” Culwell told TMZ. “And maybe Katie Holmes would like to play the main character.”

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