New book about Hunter S.Thompson…by his wife

Ever since his suicide in 2003, you knew there would be a book right? Well, now there is one. The Gonzo Way: A Celebration of Dr. Hunter S. Thompson by his wife, Anita Thomson.

Anita was only 32 when Hunter shot himself. There was a 35-year age difference between them. Afterwards, in a recent AP interview, Anita was stating how she was receiving letters from young fans trying to emulate her deceased husband’s lifestyle—or at least his persona by engaging in alcohol and drugs.

Once the letters began to pile up, she decided to write this memoir that stresses the notion that “her husband built his career with a tireless dedication to the craft of reporting, a keen awareness of his own shortcomings and his personal blend of patriotism: loving his country while mistrusting authority,” as stated in the AP article.

Fulcrum is the publisher and the book only finishes at 112 pages. The reviews on Amazon have been positive—mostly fans of Thomson himself.

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