New bio on Elton John

David Buckley has written a bio on Elton John that Reuters notes, “revealing that despite achieving unimaginable wealth and fame, Elton John has only recently slain the demons of his youth.”

The book, which contains previously unpublished interviews, “Buckley traces John’s conquest of the pop charts,” Reuters also states.

Publishers Weekly has said, “Elton John has been a blues singer, a singer-songwriter, a glam rock icon, a drug addict, a married man, a moaner and whiner, a tireless fundraiser and humanitarian, a married man (again), a controversialist, and, ultimately, a living legend. With the extensive bibliography, discography and photos, this entertaining biography will definitely appeal to devoted Elton John fans and aficionados of music history and popular culture.”

“Drawing on many first-hand interviews with his associates and musical collaborators, this page-turning story of high drama and prodigious talent traces Elton John’s journey and offers a critical history of his work, providing a fresh analysis of his contribution to popular music,” the book description notes.

Chicago Review Press is the publisher. Visit Amazon for more details.



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