New Arthur Miller bio

“Arthur Miller” is the latest bio about the famous playwright. Authored by Christopher Bigsby, the NYT notes:

“The book moves inexorably toward Monroe’s appearance; her magnetism sucks everything rapidly toward it. Miller’s long life (1915-2005) can be cleaved neatly into B.M. and A.M. — before Marilyn and after.”

The reviewer spends the majority of time discussing Monroe, over Miller’s life itself.
Of course, this is not the first bio written about Miller. The reviewer mentions Miller’s “readable” autobiography, “Timebends.” The reviewer also notes: “Mr. Bigsby’s book is crammed with piquant details. Miller briefly lived in the same Brooklyn brownstone as the young Norman Mailer.”

Published by Harvard University Press, the book finishes at 776 pages. The NYT also provides a link to the first chapter. Read the review for more info.


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