Neversuch House – Book Review

Neversuch House is unusual. It is where the Haliburt family and their servants have lived for generations – and hardly anyone has ever left it.  The house and grounds supply everything anyone needs, apart from occasional deliveries from the world outside.

No one has ever contemplated life beyond its gates.  Everything begins to change when the Captain of the House is found dead.  Strange things begin to happen – there are mysterious figures skulking around the grounds and giant birds swooping above the rooftops. 

Teenager Omnia Halibut is convinced that the Captain’s death was not an accident and is determined to find out the truth.  In doing so, she puts her own life in danger.  Someone tries to push her from a roof, only being caught in a giant net saves her life. Just who is Basilica, living in a tower where no one is supposed to live and fishing with a net in the air? 

What are the secrets held by the Under Butlers? A fascinating story. It is fantasy with a difference. Omnia is a lively and intelligent heroine surrounded by unusual characters.  Worth reading.