Nereida Gallardo’s topless photos

We were confused as to why Nereida Gallardo was top people news, at least on the American side of Monsters and Critics.

Now we know.  Soccer/football player Cristiano Ronaldo, the Portuguese-born star of Manchester United – normally in the news with prostitutes – is now with Nereida who occasionally poses topless on beaches in Europe.

Needless to say, her breasts aren’t shabby. NAKED-PICTURES  (NSFW)

Nereida, according to The Sun, “posed for the sizzling seaside photoshoot as she struggled to make ends meet while working as a nursing assistant.”

Now she is the latest well-heeled WAG, joining the likes of Posh and those other ones we hear about.

The UK tabloids report that Ronaldo sends for Nereida to come to Manchester regularly, so she can cheer him on.

Ronaldo appears to be becoming the David Beckham replacement for Britain in terms of star power, headlines and salary bonus. Though perhaps a rather less inspiring role model.

The Sun claims Nereida is a “party animal” and had a “Catholic upbringing,” who “loves riding motorbikes.”

Sounds like a great combination to us.

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