Nelly Furtado enlisted Chris Martin and Timbaland for new album

In a recent interview with Chart Attack, Nelly Furtado revealed that hip-hop producer Timbaland, Coldplay frontman Chris Martin and herself jammed together in the studio until dawn recording music for her new album.

The result of the session was the song “All Good Things,” the closing track off Furtado’s upcoming studio album, Loose, which is scheduled to hit shelves later this month. Timbaland has worked with Furtado before on remix projects but Chris Martin had yet to work with the Canadian singer and asked to contribute when he heard Timbaland was producing.

Chris (Martin), I’ve known for four or five years,” said Furtado. “We met at this festival Tea In The Park in Scotland. I was in Miami at the MTV Awards in August and I saw him and he was like ‘Oh, I love Timbaland, can I come by the studio tomorrow?’ And I’m like, ‘Of course, we’d love to have you.'”

Though Coldplay may be the farthest thing from the hip-hop beats Timbaland is accustomed to, the famed producer is a huge fan of the band’s latest record, 2005’s X & Y.

“All Tim would talk about all month was Coldplay, and he would play their songs and sing all the melodies,” Furtado recollected. “It was hilarious because they were both so humbled by each other’s presence.”

“I had to be like, ‘Guys, sit down, let’s play music.’ I had to shove a guitar in Chris’ hand. And slowly all the inhibitions melted away and they were like two kids in a candy store.”

The song, “All Good Things,” is reportedly one of the album’s best cuts combining the diverse styles of all three performers.

“It was pretty amazing, it was one of those magical moments,” said Furtado. “And to me, it shows that music has no boundaries.”

“Those were two people who just loved each other’s music. So why can’t two people who love each other’s music make music together?”

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