Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog eating contest on Coney Island controversy; Video

Joey ‘Jaws’ Chestnut took the honors at the annual Nathan’s July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest.

But not without some controversy.

Chestnut’s main competition, Takeru (The Tsunami) Kobayashi, who was sidelined due to a technicality apparently rushed the winner’s circle part of the stage after the contest, and was hauled away by police, reported by the New York Daily News.

ESPN also covered the event and revealed that Chestnut was a full 11 dogs ahead of his nearest competitor to take the win while his Japanese nemesis Takeru Kobayashi was forced to watch from the crowd as a contract dispute kept him from competing.

Kobayashi was apprently so agitated that he rushed the stage upon Chestnut’s victory, but was hauled off in cuffs.

ESPN Page 2 reporter Thomas Neumann reports that Kobayashi, 26, is considered a sport legend in the eating category, and in 2000 he shattered the then-world record with 50 dogs consumed in a sitting.  Last year he came in second with 64.

Neumann interviewed the latest winner Chestnut and asked him about Kobayashi, here is an excerpt from his interview:

ESPN asked, “We’ve all heard the whispers. Is there any truth to the rumor that Japan’s government once funded an operation to add a second stomach to Kobayashi?”

Chestnut replied, “When I first started competitive eating, everyone told me he couldn’t be beaten. When I told the other Americans I wanted to beat him, they were like, ‘You can’t beat him.’ And they got mad at me. But he’s a human being, and so am I. I can be beaten, and I enjoy beating him. He pushes himself to crazy limits, and I enjoy smashing him.”


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