Nat Geo takes us to ‘DogTown’ tonight, March 20, VIDEOS

Nat Geo’s compelling animal series “DogTown” is back on the smallscreen tonight.

This Friday, March 20, 2009 at 10 PM ET/PT, join the good people of the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, based in Utah, as they turn no ailing animal away for medical treatment.  They rescue dogs and other animals from all over the world.

Tonight, Aristotle, a terrier mix rescued from a hoarding situation, comes to DogTown with a skin condition that is one of the worst cases Dr. Mike Dix has ever seen. 

His hair has fallen out and his skin is covered in scabs.  But with expert care, watch this shy puppy transform into a “bouncing not-itching monkey” with a bright future. 

Then, behavior consultant Sherry Woodard rescues eight beagles from euthanasia.  While most of the pooches are healthy, one, named Electra, has a potentially fatal illness caused by parasitic worms. 

Later, an aggressive chow mix named Waylon lashes out unpredictably, but trainer Pat Whitacre is hoping to find an endearing personality waiting to come out.

Video “Neglected Terrier” – A terrier is rescued from a hoarding situation, but can the doctors diagnose what makes his hair fall out, before it’s too late?

Future episodes – From Nat Geo:

Dogtown: Against the Odds

Friday, March 27, 2009 at 10 PM ET/PT

Dog care manager Michelle Besmehn travels to Los Angeles to rescue several older dogs from an overcrowded puppy mill.  Many have severe medical issues and haven’t seen a vet before.  One younger dog, a Chihuahua named Mei Mei, likely spent her life in a cage, and needs Michelle’s training to become house-trained; and Gertie, a bulgy-eyed shih tzu, requires the right home for her special needs.  Then, Charro, an adult Lab mix with a persistent cough, is rescued from a neglectful home by an animal welfare group.  Dr. Mike performs a risky lung surgery on Charro that he’s never done before.

Dogtown: Starting Over

Friday, April 3, 2009 at 10 PM ET/PT

Two homeless dogs named Haley and Hana are rescued from an underground cave in Ethiopia, where it is believed they survived for more than two months after being dumped there by locals.  Can behavior consultant Sherry Woodard help the street dogs overcome their fears and improve their social skills in order to take on a domestic world?  Hugo, a 100-pound bloodhound, is returned to DogTown after seriously biting a family member.  Trainer Pat Whitacre teaches him a safer way to interact.  And a golden retriever, Ava, has just arrived with a paw ripped apart by a coyote trap.  Dr. Patti Iampietro will take a chance and remove just two of Ava’s toes in an attempt to save the leg.  Will this playful dog get back her full and active life?

Video “International Rescue” – Unwanted dogs are thrown into a deep cave in Ethiopia. Thousands have already died but two find salvation in DogTown:

Video “Broken Paw” – A retriever’s paw is caught in a hunting trap, causing lots of damage and pain. Can the leg be saved?                                                                                                           

Please support Best Friends Animal Society and visit the website for DogTown (here), you can find out more about the featured dogs the staff as well as photos and videos from past episodes.

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