Naomi Campbell has another ‘behavior’ at airport

Supermodel Naomi Campbell was arrested at Heathrow airport in London earlier today, according to news reports out of Britain.

A spokesperson for the international airport told the UK’s Sky News, “I can confirm that a passenger on board a British Airways flight was removed by police.”

The British news channel claimed a source says that Campbell is likely being held on suspicion of assaulting a police officer.

Passengers are reporting that the 37-year-old supermodel was aggressive, rude and abusive to flight staff during the incident, which occurred around 4:30 PM local time, the UK’s Press Association reported.

Reports are that Campbell was handcuffed while on the plane, witnesses said. The flight had not taken off from Terminal 5.

The fracas may have been over troubles with Campbell’s luggage.

Terminal 5 has been a problem for many Heathrow passengers this week with over 20,000 bags going missing and more than 400 British Airways flights canceled.

Campbell’s a veteran when it comes to bad behavior.

One recent incident saw Campbell arrested in March 2006 and charged with assault after winging her BlackBerry at a housekeeper.

Campbell plead guilty and served community service in New York City, last year.

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