Nancy Grace’s Justin Bieber Justice on Wendy Williams VIDEO


Nancy Grace’s Justin Bieber Justice on Wendy Williams VIDEO

Nancy Grace’s Justin Bieber Justice on Wendy Williams VIDEO

Georgia Legal Pit Bull Nancy Grace, host of the eponymous HLN show and one of TV’s most respected legal analysts, told Wendy Williams today she believes Justin Bieber should do jail time and the criminal justice system could make an example out of him the way it did with Martha Stewart.

Nancy also shared her opinions on Joe and Teresa Giudice facing prison, the legalization of pot and revealed how she keeps an eye on her children.

While shooting down the court of public opinion, Nancy revealed she thinks Justin Bieber will do jail time.

“Number one, I don’t like this whole concept of, you get enough signatures and you can get kicked out of our country.”

She added,

“I don’t like that whole concept of a popularity contest. Now under the law, if you commit an aggravated felony such as murder, rape or aggravated sodomy, you get thrown out or kind of moral turpitude, where you lie to the Feds or something. Slippery slope. Yes, to jail. Because they may take him like they did Martha Stewart and make him an example. That is actually, it sounds wrong, and I don’t advocate it, but it does send a message to people.”

Speaking out about Joe and Teresa Giudice being caught up in a web of their own lies, Nancy said,

“They’re going to jail and I’ll tell you why, unless one caves on the other. And that would be mommy caving on daddy, that’s how that goes down. Because this is what they did, there’s no way they can get away from that lavish, lavish lifestyle. I mean, 60, 80 thousand dollars for a birthday party? For their child? I mean, in a time when people are begging for jobs. Begging. I work three jobs, and they’re doing that? You don’t lie to the Feds Wendy. Just don’t say anything, but don’t lie.”

Nancy weighed in on the recent legalization of cannabis in Colorado, saying,

“I have never done pot, ever, ever.” She added, “According to the Department of Health, now if you’ve conducted studies at home that I don’t know about, you can go up against the US Department of Health. But they say, and I trust them, they’re scientists, I don’t think they’re trying to trick me, that cannabis slows down your system and it makes you hungry. It also affects your motor coordination and, a lot of studies show, your ambition, and your connectedness to what’s going on around you in the present moment. Just talking about it made me hungry!”

In reference to her own children, Nancy revealed she keeps a very close eye on them.

“I watched the Nanny Cam the whole time [during the Super Bowl game], which I tried to bring out here to show you on my iPhone. The twins don’t know about it. I’m keeping it till they’re 25. And yes, to my husband, they will be with us till they’re 25!”