M&C Music: What We Were Listening To In February 2015


Compiled by Bella Elbaum, Ethan Goodman and Kieran MacIntyreWhat’s better than music AND lists? When they come together! Every month the M&C Music staff will make a lists of the music we have been listening to. For February we have a lot of new, old and everything in between!Bella ElbaumOf Montreal – Wraith Pinned to the Mist and Other GamesIf that groovy ass bass line does not entice you from the second you hear it, you don’t deserve your ears. This is an all around happy song, and the first time we are really hearing Kevin Barnes start using more […]

Modestep Announce “London Road” along with Releasing New Single “Machines”


I love almost all iterations of electronic music and almost all iterations of rock music, when they come together, it is sonic bliss. At Coachella 2013, Dog Blood (Skrillex and Boy Noize’s duo) tore the roof down with a thunderous DJ set rife with bangers and wobbles, subsequently British quartet Modestep came on, armed with synths, drums and guitars, and completely blew me away.You can be immediately besotted with their fusion take on bass music and enticing live electronic music performing. Their catalog of tracks, including their much lauded 2013 debut album “Evolution Theory” is brilliantly versatile and captures Dubstep […]

Review: Hesh 2 Wireless Headphones By Skullcandy


Cables just flat out irritate me. They tangle into an impossible cats cradle, they break for no reason, and worst of all, they limit how far you can go from an audio source, music should go with you everywhere goddammit. My closet is a hodgepodge of cables and all of the disappoint that comes with them. Any pair of headphones I have owned have come to the same tragic fate of breaking. Hundreds of dollars and a very slowly learned lesson later I have come to the conclusion that bluetooth is the answer. Any audiophile could ramble for hours about […]

Review: Dan Deacon ‘Gliss Riffer’


After three years, Dan Deacon is back with twinkling synths, clacking stacks of percussion, warped vocoders and a nervous but overall optimistic outlook.With Gliss Riffer, Deacon has tightened his song writing and honed his pop sensibilities without losing his creative edge, carefully layering fun DIY electronica with indie sensibilities and modern classical rhythms. Lyrically, it’s dark without putting a damper on the party, philosophical without being too serious and anxious without being overwhelming.He’s traded some of his absurdist tendencies for accessibility, but that doesn’t mean the record isn’t fun or surprising. While familiar, it’s far more focused than some of […]

Safe in Sound: Goldenvoice and Doppler Labs Partner for Coachella 2015

Coachella big shot

Concerts are really loud, in case you didn’t know. Also if you didn’t know: Fire is hot and breathing keeps you alive. Now that I’m done pointing out the obvious, going to shows frequently, especially loud as hell ones like EDM outings, can be detrimental for your hearing over time.Moreover, music festivals, like the two or more you may attend every year, can be especially bad for your ears.Good thing Promoter company Goldenvoice, who put on Coachella, have partnered with Doppler Labs to provide a safer listening experience for the thousands of Coachella attendees this year. Following the overwhelming success […]

Know Your Vile: Five Kurt Vile Essentials


The thing with droney music is that it can seem repetitively depressing. Always the same slightly monotone voice over a whimpering acoustic guitar. Kurt Vile might just be the exception to this stereotype though. He has this weird awkward charm about him. You can’t really understand what he’s saying ever, but the music is beautiful. His lyrics are stupendous, and he all around loves what he does.Starting his career off with an EP in 2005 to working with The War On Drugs, and having a huge hit album “Wakin on a Pretty Daze.” He’s a little psychedelic and always writing […]

Bestival Heads to Toronto This Summer


The United Kingdom has some the best music festivals in the world, with Glastonbury, Download, Leeds and Reading; these fests constantly sell out and have top tier artists on their lineups.Due to increasing demand for Summer festivals, the people from British Festival Bestival have decided to bring their incredible multi-day party across the pond.Bestival, running 12 years strong, have seen headlining sets from artists such as Stevie Wonder, Florence + the Machine, The Cure and many more. The festival, taking place on the Isle of Wight this year, sees gargantuan attendance and has music of all genres to offer. If […]

Make Time for Psychedelic Garage Trio The Wytches

The Wytches

There’s a shit load of garage bands nowadays, if you have been involved in the Los Angeles music scene you already know this.Be it the Tijuana Panthers, Thee Oh Sees or Dirt Dress, Southern California bands are on the perennial quest of conjoining their Punk rock-gone surfing U.S.A. with 60’s Psychedelic Rock and Proto Garage. Bad news is that you can’t mosh while you’re surfing, but good news it sounds like it with a lot of these bands. When this sound is fairly pervasive it’s hard to find stand out groups like the three I had mentioned. One group in […]

Review: Valentine’s Day with Borgore and Friends, Shrine Auditorium LA Photo Gallery


Valentine’s day is lame when you’re single, all of the saccharine nonsense around you makes you want to puke. Love is for Hallmark and chocolate is special everyday. No better way to evade than raging out to some loud, heavy bass music and getting fucked up with your friends. Like John Stamos’ bellybutton fucked up. That appeared to be the mission for the sold out crowd of the LED x LA Borgore show this past Saturday. At the massive Shrine Auditorium next to USC, it’s welcoming to have a Los Angeles show, actually in Los Angeles, with a lineup of LA […]

Rainchild Releases First Single and Music Video


Rainchild hails from Houston TX, consisting of four members with the raw and uncompromising drive to create music from the underbelly of ill emotions, vises, and hurt. Rainchild began performing around 2006. They have opened for The Hunger and headlined during Galveston’s Mardi Gras, and took first place in the House Of Blues Battle of the Bands Showcase in 2011.Houston Press: “Addictive, melodic and accessible are just a few of the ways to describe Houston’s Rainchild” and “Rainchild – – Two parts hard rock, one part alternative with a splash of southern rock, shaken not stirred!”Rainchild’s new single Watershed:Rainchild’s new […]

Review: Body of Light and Some Ember At The Complex


 The room was dark, deep blue lights pierce through a near opaque fog, a DJ is playing some great Darkwave (Think New Wave’s goth brother) records and the seemingly morose crowd is swaying their shoulders to the beat. It was a Sunday night at Complex in Glendale, Body of Light were headlining, so I threw on my Rudimentary Peni shirt and I was ready to get my groove on. The Complex showcases events hosted by Maldoror, who put on Das Bunker, a club night for all things Dark, EBM and Industrial. This was the first event I have attended in this […]

Review: Above & Beyond’s “We Are All We Need” LA Forum, Feb. 6

This past Friday (Feb. 6) was a sold out show at the Los Angeles Forum; the arena was filled to brim with people, jumping up and down making a deafening clamor. What were they all screaming for?House music… obviously. I’ve been to a lot of massive electronic music shows in my day, but Above & Beyond’s “We Are All We Need” was starkly packed with thousands of hyped up ravers, of young and old. The upper balcony area that encompasses the venue with assigned seating was turned into a makeshift dance floor. The floor section was a hermetic pot of brave […]

Make Time For Danish Post-Punks Iceage


Punk in their speed and aggression, the young Danes of Iceage flawlessly blend the danceable bass grooves and dark textures of classic Joy Division with creative guitar riffs and pop sensibilities sung with the drunken swagger of The Libertines wrapped in thickblankets of distortion. Cramming more riffs and melodies in each song than most other punk bands can fit in an album, Iceage have never been content to pump out the familiar three chord “I hate mom and dad” pop­-punk that’s expected of kids jamming in their garage.In 2009, the young Danish quartet kicked in our ears with a raw, […]

John Carpenter “Lost Themes” Review


I try not judge my contemporaries for all of their generational shortcomings, but if you have never seen a John Carpenter film, there is something seriously wrong with you.John Carpenter is the Martin Scorsese of Horror and Science Fiction, period. His films are seminal to the genres, even modern filmmaking itself. Receiving a fusillade of praise for a low-budget slasher film called “Halloween” that introduced a character named Michael Myers and changed the world of 20th century horror, John was dubbed the hero of all things scream inducing.With explorations into Dystopian futures where the land is desolate and rife with […]

Grammy 2015 Week’s Best, Exclusive, No Miss Parties And Events


Want to party like a rock star? Tired of hearing about Clive Davis’ annual party? The parties listed below are considered to be some of the insider hot tickets during Grammy Week in LA:OK! Magazine’s Pre-Grammy Event with NICO & VINZ – FEBRUARY 5OK! will once again kick off Grammy weekend with their highly-anticipated, star-studded, Pre-Grammy event at Lure Nightclub on Thursday, February 5th 2015 with a special performance by multi-platinum recording artists, Nico & Vinz who will be presented by Elvis Duran.The event is sponsored by Chapstick, Le Vian, Wet Brush, Fashion Forms, Sally Beauty Supply, Rum Chata, Veev, […]

Make Time For Fifth Harmony, Tour And TV Dates


 The gorgeous group Fifth Harmony (Ally Brooke, Normani Kordei, Lauren Jauregui, Camila Cabello, and Dinah Jane) released their full-length debut album, Reflection [SYCO/Epic Records], in stores and through all online outlets today.As soon as the record went live, it soared to #1 on the iTunes Overall Top Albums Chart. Fans got a glimpse of Reflection last week as part of iTunes First Play, increasing excitement dramatically for this week’s release.Fifth Harmony celebrate Reflection with a slate of TV appearances, including this morning’s performance on NBC’s The Today Show and CBS’s The Talk on Thursday January 5, 2015.The award-winning Gold-certified pop […]

Make Time for Five Burger Records ‘Essentials’


I have always thought of Burger Records as a really hip independent label that does whatever the fuck they want, and follow their own rules. They have established a style in the few years that they have been around. Much of the music they put out is hair raising garage-y, some mosh worthy punk, and just good ol’ rock and roll. What I find most amazing about Burger Records is that sometimes I’ll go to a concert or music festival, and stumble upon a band that I have never heard of, and occasionally I find myself thinking, “wow, that sounds […]

Check Out D’Angelo Performing On “SNL”


The only thing better than the hilarious sketches and stellar guest hosts on Saturday Night Live is the musical performances. In the 40 years SNL has been around, the seminal NBC show has featured performances that were lauded (Elvis Costello, Simon and Garfunkel, Nirvana) or brought much controversy (Ashlee Simpson, Sinead O’Connor, Fear… Yes, Fear performed on SNL).This past Saturday, along with a great guest host appearance from the sharply funny and much buzzed Oscar nominated actor J.K. Simmons, saw the enigmatic D’Angelo perform with his Vanguard. And it was fucking incredible.D’Angelo returned this past year after a 14 year […]

Lil Wayne Wants Cash Money


Lil Wayne was suing Cash Money to end his contract with the label and for a cool $51 million, according to TMZ.  Now word is that Weezy and the label have smoked a fat peace pipe.His suit had claimed CEO Bryan “Birdman” Williams and the company have withheld a substantial amount of money that it owed him with regard to the rapper’s still-unreleased new album, Tha Carter V. Because the label has not paid Wayne any money on that, he claimed he was entitled to leave.But that’s not all, Lil Wayne was seeking $51 million and is seeking to be […]

Xibalba “Tierra Y Libertad” Review


Oh no, not a metal album! If you don’t enjoy the heaviest and most visceral of music, please stop reading, go listen to Hootie and the Blowfish.If the most guttural and sonically devastating metal beckons your ears, relinquish your senses to So.-Cal. fusion-metalheads Xibalba. Even their name, the Mayan Underworld, translating to “Place of Fear”, can transfix even the most seasoned metalheads.What’s different here from their contemporaries is their irreproachable combination of Doom. Death Metal, Hardcore and Sludge, their technical skill compliments their menacingly heavy output. The amelodic Drop-D punch in the face was fun when I was an angst-y […]

Review: The Ting Tings At The Troubadour, Jan 26


The lights go dark in the Troubadour, the crowd intermixed with twenty-somethings and middle age hipsters start screaming, Katie White and her partner in crime Julian “Jules” De Martino took to the stage, and completely blew the whole crowd away with their high-octane performance.After an exemplary opening set from synth wielding fellow duo Kaneholler, The Ting Tings came on stage and gave a fun hour long set to the sold out crowd that was near irreproachable. The British duo first came to prominence in 2008 with their album “We Started Nothing” and it’s lead single “That’s Not My Name” and […]

Make Time for Powerhouse Hip-Hop Team-Up “Run the Jewels”


Be it east coast, west coast, or southern rap, they all have their charming attributes. West coast is much more relaxed cruising on the highway with palm trees surrounding you. The most lovable part about east coast rap is that it’s in your face, harsh, gritty and extremely raw, or southern rap being just down right dirty. Run the Jewels is bringing their New York and southern flare to flaunt in your face.A lot of modern rap is in a sense ignorant. All you hear really is how these guys are getting drunk, high, and trying to get laid. Killer […]

Editor’s Highlights from NAMM 2015 Plus Photo Gallery

namm main

 At first impressions, the NAMM show is a bit of sensory overload. Music companies in the fields of guitar craft, accessories, strings, pro-audio, synthesizers and so on, all coalesce for the largest trade convention for the music industry. The National Association of Musician Merchants (NAMM) puts on annual conventions all around the world, but at the convention center in Disney’s backyard, Anaheim, everyone from around the world fill Mickey Mouse’s domain to network, make promising business deals, show off new products or just are flat out looking for a job. From heavyweights in the industry playing show and tell with their awesome […]

NAMM Media Day Preview: Roland JD-Xi Gives Musicians Best of Both Worlds


Today at the The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Media day at the Anaheim Convention Center, I got to take a look at Roland’s brand new JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, and it is one of the best synths I’ve seen so far here at NAMM.What is the Roland JD-Xi?Equipped with 37 mini keys, the JD-Xi features a true analog synth engine along with a wide selection of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL digital sounds. This affordable instrument also comes packed with many great extras for self-contained music creation, including built-in drum kit patches, a 4-track pattern step sequencer, and a […]

Review: The Decemberists ‘What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World’


One of the best parts about The Decemberists is that much of their music references folklore, and their music gives you that vintage old storytelling type of feeling. Unfortunately that charm got lost somewhere in their seventh studio album, “What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World.”To say that this album is not good at all, would be completely false. It is a very sharp shift in musical style and lyric writing. Like many things it is has both good and bad, and depending on the amount of love you might have for The Decemberists the good may outweigh the […]