Review: The Ting Tings At The Troubadour, Jan 26.


The lights go dark in the Troubadour, the crowd intermixed with twenty-somethings and middle age hipsters start screaming, Katie White and her partner in crime Julian “Jules” De Martino took to the stage, and completely blew the whole crowd away with their high-octane performance.After an exemplary opening set from synth wielding fellow duo Kaneholler, The Ting Tings came on stage and gave a fun hour long set to the sold out crowd that was near irreproachable. The British duo first came to prominence in 2008 with their album “We Started Nothing” and it’s lead single “That’s Not My Name” and […]


Make Time for Powerhouse Hip-Hop Team-Up “Run the Jewels”


Be it east coast, west coast, or southern rap, they all have their charming attributes. West coast is much more relaxed cruising on the highway with palm trees surrounding you. The most lovable part about east coast rap is that it’s in your face, harsh, gritty and extremely raw, or southern rap being just down right dirty. Run the Jewels is bringing their New York and southern flare to flaunt in your face.A lot of modern rap is in a sense ignorant. All you hear really is how these guys are getting drunk, high, and trying to get laid. Killer […]


Editor’s Highlights from NAMM 2015 Plus Photo Gallery

namm main

 At first impressions, the NAMM show is a bit of sensory overload. Music companies in the fields of guitar craft, accessories, strings, pro-audio, synthesizers and so on, all coalesce for the largest trade convention for the music industry. The National Association of Musician Merchants (NAMM) puts on annual conventions all around the world, but at the convention center in Disney’s backyard, Anaheim, everyone from around the world fill Mickey Mouse’s domain to network, make promising business deals, show off new products or just are flat out looking for a job.  From heavyweights in the industry playing show and tell with their […]


NAMM Media Day Preview: Roland JD-Xi Gives Musicians Best of Both Worlds


Today at the The National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM) Media day at the Anaheim Convention Center, I got to take a look at Roland’s brand new JD-Xi Interactive Analog/Digital Crossover Synthesizer, and it is one of the best synths I’ve seen so far here at NAMM.What is the Roland JD-Xi? Equipped with 37 mini keys, the JD-Xi features a true analog synth engine along with a wide selection of Roland’s acclaimed SuperNATURAL digital sounds. This affordable instrument also comes packed with many great extras for self-contained music creation, including built-in drum kit patches, a 4-track pattern step sequencer, and […]


Review: The Decemberists ‘What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World’


One of the best parts about The Decemberists is that much of their music references folklore, and their music gives you that vintage old storytelling type of feeling. Unfortunately that charm got lost somewhere in their seventh studio album, “What A Terrible World, What A Beautiful World.”To say that this album is not good at all, would be completely false. It is a very sharp shift in musical style and lyric writing. Like many things it is has both good and bad, and depending on the amount of love you might have for The Decemberists the good may outweigh the […]


Review: Sleater-Kinney “No Cities to Love”


Renowned critic Greil Marcus once cited Sleater-Kinney as the most important group in Rock history, a declaration more bold than any for a band. This not so diffident writer has to agree with that notion.For twenty years, the women of Alt-Punk outfit Sleater-Kinney have been kicking ass and taking names. Their genesis came from the tail end of the infamous Riot-Grrrl movement, noted for it’s feminist driven iteration of punk rock of the early 90’s along with the residual impact of the semi-sentient corpse known as grunge, which was epochal of their Pacific Northwest origins. They exploded onto the music […]


Review: Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds at The Echo


After the half ­drunk, half­ melodies of a Jeff Tweedy look alike and the smooth, heartfelt schtick of Uke-­Hunt, Kid Congo & The Pink Monkey Birds took the stage in denim jackets, striped shirts and swaths of spring reverb.For those unacquainted, Kid Congo Powers has had a long history in music, playing with such legendary acts as The Cramps, Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds and The Fall. At 55 years old, it’s clear he has no intentions of slowing down with The Pink Monkey Birds, whose two chord, high energy garage punk had the audience bouncing, shouting and laughing along […]


Make Time For Swedish Punks, The ‘Holograms’


In all of European post-punk’s darkness, there has been a lot of good light shining upon the scene. Be it the hellacious distortion of Denmark’s Ice-age or the synth-tinged lovelorn delivered by Italy’s Soviet Soviet, Europe is seeing yet another Joy Division inspired wave of bands. With a fusillade of new gloomy groups catching buzz: Which group is a must? Well, no other group has left more buzz with us than Sweden’s Holograms.The Stockholm based quartet, consisting of members Andreas Lagerström, Anton Strandberg, and brothers Anton and Filip Spetze, are taking punk in a room where the dark and the […]


A$AP Yams, Dead At 26


A$AP Mob founder Steven Rodriguez, aka A$AP Yams, has died, his label confirmed in a statement. He was 26.The cause of death remains unknown, but many members of the A$AP Mob, the Harlem rap collective that Yams established took to Twitter to mourn their founder. “A.S.A.P YAMS should be remembered as a leader, an innovator and most importantly as an important part of NYC youth culture,” Azealia Banks tweeted. His last Tweet:Official statement from Polo Grounds Music:“We are deeply saddened by the loss of our friend A$AP Yams. A true visionary, Yams was a driving force in A$AP Mob. Our condolences go out […]


Bonnaroo Undercard This Year Is Phenomenal, Some Thoughts


Here we go again my festival attending brethren; lineup announcement season is upon us.Since December, 2015 festival have been announced weekly like clockwork. With Goldenvoice’s Coachella lineup released two weeks ago with headliners AC/DC, Jack White and Drake. It was only going to be a matter of time till Bonnaroo’s players were revealed. Well last night the four day Tennessee festival lineup was blazoned throughout the media, this year’s headliners includes Americana revivalists Mumford & Sons, house champion and noted curmudgeon Deadmau5 (pronounced mouse, I would figure by 2015 people would know this), Rap game killer Kendrick Lamar and the […]


Caballero Signature Guitar Features Bob Dylan, Grammy 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year


Art and Music Spotlight: Renowned artist Zhenya Gershman was invited to create a special portrait of Bob Dylan, the Grammy 2015 MusiCares Person of the Year. This priceless portrait is painted on a Caballero signature guitar that helped revive the folk revolution of the 60’s and will be signed by honoree Bob Dylan and all performing artists at The Grammy 2015 Gala Tribute Concert (including Grammy winners Beck; the Black Keys; Crosby, Stills & Nash; Norah Jones; Tom Jones; Los Lobos; Taj Mahal; John Mellencamp; Alanis Morissette; Willie Nelson; Aaron Neville; Bonnie Raitt; Bruce Springsteen; Susan Tedeschi; Derek Trucks; Eddie Vedder; […]


Björk Announces ‘Vulnicura’ LP On Social Media


Former Sugarcube lead singer and Icelandic pop oddity/icon Björk has been working on a new album for awhile, and now is ready to share the Intel.The artist posted the above handwritten image on her Facebook and Twitter feed, revealing that the new album is called Vulnicura.On her Facebook page she writes: 6 songs written by björk, 2 songs co-written with arca, 1 with john flynnstring arrangements by björk6 songs produced by björk & arca, 1 by björk & arca & the haxan cloak, 2 by björkmixed by the haxan cloak except 2 songs mixed by the haxan cloak and chris […]


Review: Panda Bear’s “Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper”


No matter how invincible one may think they are, death is inevitable. Thinking about it makes many of us feel this wave of unease. We don’t know when the grim reaper will come pay his uninvited visit. Leaving many of us living in this constant cocoon of fear. People find different ways of coping with it. Some believe in reincarnation, while others have just accepted that they will rot in the ground for eternity.I don’t think the men of Animal Collective or in this case Noah Lennox otherwise known as Panda Bear know how to make a song that sounds […]


Review: Dan Mangan, “Club Meds”


Let’s be honest here, the world is terrifying.Ostensibly it is said that life is beautiful and there is such potential for you to have a great time. In truth we are from time to time stricken with anxiety of social interaction or the fear of being let down again and again. Confidence can be seldom won if you are in constant fear of rejection. You lose trust in the ones you love, in your government, or even yourself. Dejection hits us all at one moment or another. To live, is truly the parity of sink and swim, not one or […]


Make Time For Punk, Blues and Pop Fusion With Hanni El Khatib


Being able to write a good pop song is difficult. Adding in elements of punk and blues with that is an even more mind blowing experience. Hanni El Khatib gracefully played his way on in to the music industry in 2011 with “Will the Guns Come Out.”Khatib worked as a creative director for skateboarding company HUF, and has done many commercials as well. He knows how to sell something and he is definitely selling his music to us. The love and passion are there, along with the looks that make you feel really fucking cool.You can feel elements of Dan […]


Fantasy Music Collaborations, Four Pairings We Want To See


The only thing more interesting than musicians is when they work together. Collaborations between two or more musicians/groups can be awesome (i.e. Killer Mike & El-P, David Bowie & Trent Reznor) or not so awesome (P. Diddy & Jimmy Page, David Bowie & Mick Jagger).With the news of Mr. Yeezy doing a song with Paul McCartney; people were either stoked, mortified or didn’t even know who Paul McCartney is (my contemporaries depress me sometimes). Their collaboration “Only One” is a smooth neo-spiritual song that caught a lot of people by surprise, despite my general disdain towards the two I felt […]


Jack White, Mac Demarco, Royal Blood and Flying Lotus Top-line Coachella


The long awaited line up for the festival that brings people from all around the world to wear bathing suits and floral headbands together the morning of January 6th 2015. With headliners like AC/DC, Jack White and Drake you might be regretting not getting those presale tickets.The lineup has a diverse set of acts. Bringing on many more hip hop artists as well as electronic artists this year. Genres that will bring a crowd of many older rock n’ roll lovers and youths who just want to dance in the unforgiving sun all day.The acts that really caught my eye, […]


Macklemore’s Touching Baby Announcement Video


It’s been a hell of a few years for Seattle musician Macklemore, 31, who along with his fiancee Tricia Davis, produced a touching video revealing the rumors were true: Mack’s going to be a dad!The rapper and pop music star, who together with Ryan Lewis broke out big in 2013 and 2014 with their hit LP The Heist, announced this weekend he and his fiancee are to be parents.In a YouTube clip posted Saturday by his rapping partner and producer Ryan Lewis, the couple wrote, “Today the media speculated about some big news in our life. So we decided to […]


Make Time For Gloom Rockers, The Twilight Sad

twilight sad

Scotland knows how to do sad right; their storied history is one of many tragic turns of fate and crisis of identity. A vote for independence this past year failed to win, and the mossy high and lowlands are to remain a part of the greater United Kingdom, but the question remains, are they Scottish or can we also call them British? But what do I know, I’m just an American with a Scottish last name, insert whatever Irvine Welsh reference here.What I do know is that a lot of incredible music has come from the North Country, and not Del […]


Taylor Swift in Concert in Times Square Pictures

Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard - "New Year's Rockin' Eve 2015" with Taylor Swift in Concert in Times Square in New York City - December 31, 2014  - Times Square - New York City, NY, USA  Photo is copyright by MJ Photos /

We have added a set pictures from the event ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2015′ with Taylor Swift in Concert in Times Square in New York City. Guests included Brian Kelley, Tyler Hubbard, USO Troupe, Nasri, Kat Graham and USO Troupe and Kat Graham. Photos are copyright by MJ Photos /  


Madonna’s ‘Rebel Heart’ Marketing Blunder, Apologies Ensue


In an attempt to draw a like-minded corollary between herself and the “rebel heart” spirits and causes of great (deceased) Black iconic leaders, Madonna’s altered Rebel Heart album artwork, a play on her face entangled in black string, has caused a social media stir.This past week Madonna Instagrammed and Tweeted pictures of the late Martin Luther King Jr., Nelson Mandela and Bob Marley in Madonna’s pose with black string comparing their rebelliousness to her vision of her new work.She wrote: “This #rebelheart sang about ONE LOVE!” (for Marley) and “This #rebelheart had a dream!” for (MLK Jr.)Rebel Heart, Madonna’s 13th […]


M&C Picks Top 14 Albums of 2014

Caribou - Our Love

Top 14 Albums of 2014 By Kieran MacIntyre and Bella Elbaum2014 was a musically diverse and audible feast of a year. Monsters and Critics’ music editor Kieran MacIntyre and music writer Bella Elbaum curated a great list to peruse and check out.14. Octave Minds – Self titled Out of all the electronic collaborations that have occurred this year, there has not been one as ambitious or masterful as Octave Minds. The juxtaposed magic of German EDM superstar Boys Noize taking a break from the thumping rave tent bangers here for a more aetherial and noisey approach to the brilliant piano melodies provided […]


Moby in Concert at the Integratron Pictures

Moby - Moby in Concert at the Integratron in Landers - December 21, 2014 - The Integratron, 2477 Belfield Boulevard - Landers, CA, USA  Photo is copyright by Billy Bennight / PR Photos

We have added a set pictures from the event Moby in Concert at the Integratron in Landers. Photos are copyright by Billy Bennight / PR Photos.


B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash Pictures

Ariana Grande - B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena in Rosemont - December 06, 2014 - Allstate Arena - Rosemont, IL, USA  Photo is copyright by Daniel Locke / PR Photos

We have added a set pictures from the event B96 Pepsi Jingle Bash at Allstate Arena in Rosemont. Guests included 5 Seconds of Summer and Ariana Grande. Photos are copyright by Daniel Locke / PR Photos.  


Galpin Ford Hosts George Ducas For Ford Trucks/HD Radio F150 Drive Tour


George Ducas is a rising star in the country music scene, hailing from the big state of Texas. Fitting that he has partnered with the biggest Ford dealership in the USA, Galpin Ford, part of the expansive Galpin Motors family.A Lone Star native whose heart and soul are rooted in the honk tonks, roadhouses and dancehalls, George Ducas is a musical talent seasoned with experience, with an impressive string of Billboard charting songs that established him early as a country music trendsetter.This Saturday sees the singer songwriter performing at the Ford Trucks/HD Radio F150 Drive Tour to be held at […]