Nostalgia Bomb: Five Siouxsie and the Banshees Essentials


Growing up with my older brother, I was exposed to music that was, to my perception, a lot cooler than the swill my classmates were listening to. While others were fervently listening to Blink 182 or Christina Aguilera, as if it was they were programmed to, I was immersed into darkness with bands like Bauhaus, Joy Division and Sisters of Mercy. Showing up to school with a KMFDM shirt (that I may or may not have taken from my brother) labeled me as a weirdo because my music taste was blatantly incongruous with my peers and their tragically lame, or […]

Make Time for Russian Post Punks Motorama


When we think about Russia a few things come to mind, Vodka, Stalin, and anger. Very little is actually known about the music scene there. They have a wide variety of genres including the ignorant rap we occasionally subject our ears to, to classic rock n’ roll. Coming from a Russian family I thought I had pretty much heard it all. Until Motorama came into my life. All the Russian music I had been listening to previously was all in Russian. That’s not necessarily bad, but it’s a bit harder to pick up on the slang when it’s being sung. […]

Live Review: Gang of Four Live At El Rey, March 24

Gang of Four Marquee 001

It’s a Tuesday night, March 25th 2015 to be exact. All the shops and museums along Wilshire Boulevard in the Miracle Mile District of the great city of Los Angeles are closed. Cal-Trans is hard at work accomplishing some task that entails tearing up and repaving the asphalt between La Brea and La Cienega, people have long since left work and most have already had dinner and are now beginning to watch some night time television either by themselves or with their families to unwind from a long day at work. The street lights shine brightly in all their newly […]

Beatport Enters Mobile Streaming With New Apps


Beatport, an SFX Entertainment company and the trusted home of the global dance music community, released a mobile app for iOS and Android devices today that will allow fans of electronic music to take all the features of the new Beatport experience with them on the go. “The evolution of Beatport involves far more than just streaming music,” said Greg Consiglio, President and COO of SFX. “We’ve built the definitive home of electronic music in all forms and formats, including festivals and events, streaming, music downloads and news and information available on web and mobile.”With the first-ever official Beatport mobile […]

Live: Pores, Sashcloth & Axes, Flesh, House of Light, Terminal A at Space 42, March 20


It’s not every night that one is moved so much by a set of performances that they spontaneously decide that the events they are witnessing absolutely must be documented, and such was the evening of March 20th, 2015. A friend and I had just gotten off work and decided we were going to catch a show we had heard about that was happening in the No Man’s Land that lies on Venice Boulevard between the 10 Interstate Freeway and Crenshaw Boulevard in Los Angeles. In recent months another venue – Space 42 – had sprouted up in that area and […]

Catch Crookers North American Tour, Dates and More

unnamed (1)

Before there was Skrillex, or DJ Snake, the EDM scene belonged to a funkier batch of producers, zeroth to Dubstep and Twerk Bass was Europe’s insatiable Fidget House movement. I remember going to the Hard Haunted Mansion festival (now Hard Day of the Dead, and now +18) in 2009 and seeing some of the best producers of House, including British beat scientist Fake Blood, then burgeoning Wobble masters Jack Beats and American genre defiers Major Lazer (when Switch was still in the group), but it was Italian duo Crookers that took the show. Their brand of House was noisy, intoxicating […]

Top Ten Albums Of 1967


The year 1967 was one of the most influential in all of rock music history. There was a whole new sound, and people started to become one with each other and allow the music to bring them together. A time where war was a huge topic, and a big contributor to the thriving music scene and a controversial subject matter that musicians could not stop talking about.This was the year of the famous Summer of Love which aided in the hippie counterculture, and brought social awareness, as well as being open with a lot of drug use. Being creative and […]

Five Must Watch Music Videos

Celebrity Sightings In New York City - February 16, 2015

Whatever happen to music videos? Did they die with the CDs? Where can I find them? All fair questions. Since MTV has gone to do whatever the hell they’re doing (how about “True Life: We Ruined a Network”), plus the music industry has shifted into a “festival this and tour that” business model, the music video has had to evolve with the precarious times we live in.Let’s face it, YouTube killed the Video star. For a good while now record labels have been pushing out visual swill to accompany their new singles, as it is apparent typically without the artists […]

Review: Kendrick Lamar “To Pimp a Butterfly”


After three years, Kendrick Lamar is back with his follow up to the superb “good kid m.A.A.d city,” and holy shit, it hits hard. The production is expansive, with glossy G-Funk grooves, squealing free jazz horns, dark atmospheres, clicky beats and swirling psychedelic synths. Lyrically, he doesn’t waste a second, discussing racism, identity, class division, religion and social politics in his rapid fire style. His rhythm, wit and wisdom show Kendrick at the top of his game, weaving his rhymes through the music so effortlessly that the two often become indistinguishable, taking left turns freely to confidently challenge the audience […]

Go Deep with Cerebral Three Hour Mix by Lane 8


Deep House is the most exciting, yet accessible, iteration of Electronic Music that is currently taking the scene by storm, be it the arena bangers of Oliver Heldens, the funky Pop treatment of Disclosure or the surreal works of Justin Martin, Deep is in vogue and I am loving it. This past month I had the pleasure of covering Above & Beyond’s “We Are All We Need” sold out show at the L.A. Forum. The opener that night was spinning some of the best House tunes I’ve ever heard at a show, what is typically expected to be a warm […]

Richie Hawtin Proudly Presents for 2015: CNTRL Tour


Richie Hawtin proudly presents for 2015: CNTRL:Individuality & Creativity In Technology-Based Music, a college campus tour. Beginning April 15 in Boston, MA at Berklee College of Music and Middle East Downstairs, this innovative, inventive, and immersive experience will touch down at colleges and hot spots in eight major college markets across North America before finishing up in Los Angeles April 25th at UCLA and the Hollywood Palladium.In 2012, CNTRL established a groundbreaking model of daytime lectures on music, technology, and their intersection and nighttime performances that proved to be a first for the genre. Now, that template expands and evolves […]

Foo Fighters live on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio (Pictures)


The Foo Fighters performed at an event  hosted by Chelsea Handler on the Honda Stage at the iHeartRadio Theater on March 17, 2015 in Burbank, California. The event, which included a Q&A,  celebrated the the band’s 8th studio album, Sonic Highways and the April 7 DVD/Blu-Ray release of Foo Fighters: Sonic Highways, the HBO docuseries directed by Dave Grohl. All photos by Kevin Winter/Getty Images for iHeartMedia.

Review: Fritz Kalkbrenner At The Avalon In Hollywood


Sometimes, there’s beauty in getting lost in the music on the dance floor. Everyone forgets about their work week or anything else that troubles them, at least for a little while. When the kick drum comes in, it’s nothing but smiles and ecstatic body movement. When you’re at the Avalon in LA, you’re guaranteed to have a great time.  This past Saturday was the first I’ve been to Hollywood’s Avalon since they remodeled the legendary venue into one of the most state-of-the-art concert halls in Los Angeles, moreover, the world. With giant LED screens parallel to each other and one […]

Review: Datsik Live At Exchange, Downtown Los Angeles


 Los Angeles is the best for EDM shows, period. With luxurious, world class nightclubs and legendary venues, the electronic music scene here is flourishing, even if the massive Electronic Music festivals have moved out of town. “Honestly Los Angeles is one of my favorite places to play,” said Troy Beetles, otherwise known as Canadian DJ/Producer Datsik, Beetles is a big fan of LA, “I always dreamed to come here to play, I’m from Canada and to finally be able to come down to the place I really love the most is very humbling.”  He spoke to me outside of the […]

Nostalgia Bomb: 80’s Hardcore Ten Essentials

SS Decontrol Live

Punk isn’t dead, it just collects AARP checks. From the howls of Proto-Pioneers Los Saicos or MC5 to the distorted riffs of bands new and old going strong today, Punk Rock has lived on for a good, long time.Take a moment to go with me down memory lane, spending most of my youth and adolescence in the Bush years and the insipid music that came with them, nose diving into punk rock was the only logical choice. I wanted to break away from all the Pop loving jagoffs at my middle school, because I was clearly so much cooler than […]

Slipknot’s Guitarist Mick Thomson Stabbed In Head By Brother

slip use

Before we begin this little news story of two brothers who have some issues, note that metal band Slipknot is not like other bands. They huff dead things, have strangers pee on them, break stuff for no reason and poop on stage.Okay, so Slipknot’s guitarist Mick Thomson was stabbed in the head during a knife fight with his brother in Iowa, authorities say. Thomson reportedly got into it with his brother on Wednesday. The 41-year-old guitarist and his brother got into “an altercation” with his younger sibling Andrew at a residency in Des Moines, Iowa in the early hours of […]

Make Time For Pacific Northwest Group, Chastity Belt


Formed at a liberal arts college in East Washington, Chastity Belt blend surf-goth and party punk so casually it almost sounds accidental. Their lyrics are dark, deadpan, sarcastic and relatable, carelessly sprinkling party scenes with bits of everyday feminism and social politics without ever getting preachy. Musically, they have a minimal aesthetic, drowning crunchy chords and clean, repetitive riffs in a bath of warm reverb while the plucky bass and driving drums keep the songs pumping. Self taught, they make the most of a stripped down sound and DIY recording, laying out atmospheric pop songs that have enough energy and […]

Review: Mike Watt and the Secondmen At Harvard and Stone, Hollywood


Punk Rock legends, heartbreak, and a full moon, what else could you ask for on a Thursday night in Hollywood? Perhaps a reserved parking spot in front of the bar or a free Uber ride, but that’s wishful thinking.March 6th of this 2015th year since Christianity claims to have its favorite Prophet’s birthday was an electrifying evening at Harvard and Stone in Hollywood. Harvard and Stone is a nice little turn-of-the-century themed bar on Hollywood Boulevard on the East side of the 101 freeway that cuts its way through Hollywood, dividing it neatly into the pretty part with West Hollywood […]

Ellie Goulding Love Me Like You Do (Video)


The official video for Ellie Goulding’s track Love Me Like You Do.As featured in the soundtrack for Fifty Shades Of Grey. Goulding is currently focusing on a third studio album.

Review: Skullcandy’s Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker


I believe music should go everywhere you go, headphones are great while you’re out in the big world, but sometimes you want everyone around you to hear the awesome music you have been listening to. Whether you’re at the beach, in the park or a very awkward party, you should fill the boring air with some awesome tunes, luckily Bluetooth speakers get the job done right.For the past couple of years Bluetooth technology has taken the consumer audio world by storm, let’s face it, wireless connection is convenient and logical. Whether it’s your car or your computer that already has […]

Review: Viet Cong At The Echoplex, L.A.


When going to the Echo or Echoplex, you are pretty much guaranteed to have a good time. They have bands of all kinds of genres and range of popularity that play. I had the joy of walking through the urine stained alleys of Echo Park to see Viet Cong, and what I considered to be one of the best shows I have been to in a while.The first opening act went by the name Heathers. I was intrigued by the name considering Heathers was one of my all time favorite movies going through high school. The lead singer looked like […]

Exclusive: Eddie Trunk of ‘That Metal Show’ Interview

eddie main

Eddie Trunk has truly been the pioneer for getting metal and hard rock the attention it needs. He was playing metal back in the 80’s on his own radio show, and showing to the masses how incredible of a genre it really is. He has done the radio stuff, TV, and has even worked for a label. He truly has experienced pretty much every aspect of the music industry.  Right now his biggest project is a show on VH1 Classic called That Metal Show. It’s essentially a talk show with all the craziest of metal fans and the wackiest metal […]

Review: of Montreal “Aureate Gloom”

Aureate Gloom

I’m always nervous when a band I love announces their next release; I get anxious, thinking that it could be the best one yet, or the one that loses me. This sense of uncertainty is especially present when it’s an eclectic group like of Montreal, who debuted in ’97 with joyful, 60s obsessed twee pop which quickly evolved into overstuffed psychedelic storytelling (The Gay Parade) before becoming the glam-y, funky, schizophrenic soul-punk of Hissing Fauna… and False Priest. After the solid modern classical experiment that was 2012s Paralytic Stalks, Kevin Barnes (the brains and creative life blood of the band) […]

Kelly Clarkson’s Career Still Hot, Tour Dates Announced


She may hate people referencing her American Idol roots, but the “OG” Texan winner of the FOX talent series that featured stand up comic Brian Dunkleman with a young Ryan Seacrest back in 2002 blew the doors off the entire reality competition genre. We witnessed Kelly Clarkson sing this winning song, and then go on to a truly rewarding solo career: On the release date of her sixth studio album Piece By Piece, Kelly Clarkson released the dates for her extensive tour of North America in 2015. The Piece By Piece tour boasts 36 dates and features special guests Pentatonix […]

Andrew Bayer Announces “Do Androids Dream” EP Along With North America Tour


The genre-bending Andrew Bayer has announced his biggest tour yet in a DJ career that has been built on exclusive and elusive performances – most notably at New York’s Madison Square Garden last October. Which you can watch here:Comprising of 11 exclusive headline shows across the USA and Canada, the Do Androids Dream Part 2 tour will be Andrew’s only North America club dates in the first half of 2015 – and will coincide one of his most sonically ambitious studio projects to date.Scheduled for release on April 2, the accompanying 5-track Do Androids Dream’ mini-album comprises 26 minutes of […]