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Gary Allan – ‘Get Off on the Pain’ – Album Review

By Patrick Luce Mar 29, 2010, 21:03 GMT

Gary Allan – ‘Get Off on the Pain’ – Album Review

Gary Allan has recently finished recording his new album GET OFF ON THE PAIN with long-time producer Mark Wright. The firstsingle, "Today," is currently climbing the charts and is spinning on stations across the country now. The album is being released as a regular 10-song version as well as in a deluxe edition that includes 4 bonus songs and access to exclusive video downloads. ...more

Country musician Gary Allan’s new studio album ‘Get Off on the Pain’ is another solid release from singer.

His sound may be a bit more Southern Rock than traditional country, but it is a pleasant change in this day of over-produce studio musicians who belong more in pop than the country genre.

Allan’s new album is similar in sound to his 2007 release ‘Living Hard’ – which at times seems more rock than country. The album features his “junkyard guitar” sound on several songs along with lyrics that reflect the singer’s life on the road. Allan also tackles traditional country topics - such as trouble with women and living life hard.

The album kicks off with the title track – where Allan describes his life as always picking the road less traveled, ending up on the wrong side of love, and never backing down. It is the perfect opening number for the album and sets the tone for the rest of the tracks to come.

Allan also make sure to include several slower ballads (although his tend to be about love lost than love found) – such as the hit single “Today” where Allan describes an X’s marriage day. The song (like many of Allan’s slower ballads) describes how the singer feels unlucky with love and the devastating aftermath of love gone wrong.

Allan makes sure to mix up the ballads (which are sure to please his female audience) with the more rocking tracks (that will fit in any bar or even rock concerts) – which gives ‘Get Off on the Pain’ and extremely good balance.

The Deluxe Edition of the album also includes a bonus song and three live tracks recorded at Allan’s concert at House of Blues, Chicago in 2009. It also includes access to exclusive video downloads. The live tracks make me wish Allan would release a full concert album as it is clear he loves performing for the crowd and feeds off the energy they are giving back to him.

If you are a fan of Allan already, ‘Get Off on the Pain’ will keep you happy. The album is also a perfect place for new fans to check the singer out and will get you quickly hooked on his signature blend of traditional country and guitar driven rock.

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