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Album Review: B52s – ‘Funplex’

By Jeff Swindoll Mar 27, 2008, 20:53 GMT

Album Review: B52s – ‘Funplex’

Like a time capsule, the B-52s\' first album in 16 years reanimates that familiar fusion of danceable post-punk and bizarrely conceived songs of the oldest new wave. After sitting out 1992’s Good Stuff, Cindy Wilson returns to the love shack, joining fellow bee-hiver Kate Pierson on mouth-watering vocals and harmonies circa Wild Planet. Colossal hooks jostle relentless rhythms, oddball lyrics, and the outrageous voice of Fred Schneider, who struts like ...more

It bears repeating, but the B52s return album is quite a raucous affair.  It harkens back to the infectious rhythms of “Love Shack” and is a most welcome return by the band that has nothing to do with the fabled World War II bomber. 

The group has been out of the studio since 1992’s album ‘Good Stuff,’ but has kept busy in the meantime touring and two collections of best of collections (‘Time Capsule’ (1998) and ‘Nude on the Moon’ (2002)). 

‘Funplex’ marks their first original album in sixteen years and it is steeped in that raucous sense of fun that can be found in “Love Shack.”  They may have been out of the studio for those sixteen years, but they obviously found time to recharge their batteries as
‘Funplex’ is just as high energy and sure to be heard on a dance floor near you. 

The album starts with the pounding, high octane “Pump” that’s sure to pump you up with the beat as well as the veiled lyrics.  They even find time to pay tribute to Italian filmmaker Federico Fellini with “Juliet of the Spirits.” 

It’s a welcome return to form by the B52s and one hopes that they won’t keep out of the studio for such a long time and get to work on their next album.

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