Album Review: Luke Bryan Ill Stay Me

Luke Bryan is a relatively new kid on the block on the country radio stations. 

He rose to prominence with his top single All My Friends Say about a cowboy drowning his sorrows over his lost girlfriend when she walks into the bar with another guy and he drowns them enough that he can only rely on what his friends say about his evening since he dont remember a thang. 

I can see why its such a hit since I can imagine the whole club or bar singing along when this one plays.  He wisely starts off his chart topping album with this crowd pleaser.  What I thought was funny was that the next song is titled Babys on the Way - which made me wonder if it would be about the consequences of a tryst from the first song. Its really about a cowboy awaiting on his lady love to arrive, a bit of a tempo change from the raucous opening. 

I think that Bryan knows his way around a tune and how to pen them as well (he co-wrote all but one of the songs on this album).  He has a bright future ahead of him as this album is excellent, just stay sober when your gal walks in on another mans arm.

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