Album Review: Barenaked Ladies – ‘Talk to the Hand: Live in Michigan’

“I was expecting a DVD full of naked picture and all I got was this concert” should be how the t-shirt reads.  The traditional t-shirt slogan would’ve added “stupid” before concert, but the Ladies, clothed or bare-naked, put on a damn fine concert so I didn’t go the traditional route. 

Barenaked Ladies is a Canadian band consisting of Steven Page (vocals, guitar), Ed Robertson (vocals, guitar, banjo), Tyler Stewart (drums, backing vocals), Jim Creeggan (bass, vocals), and Kevin Hearn (keyboard, guitar, vocals).  They’re perhaps best known for their hit “One Week” which they open the concert (recorded June 2007 in Clarkston, MI) with. 

The songs are a mix of old and new, but what’s great is how the Ladies interact with their audiences using some comedy bits (“I came for the music, but stayed for the vivisection.”).  The set has two discs, one with 15 tracks of music and another with the DVD of the concert. 

The DVD has bonus features of backstage footage, a sound check, and a photo montage.  It’s a damn fun time (both in audio and video) and fans of the band will definitely want to check it out and others just wanting a great concert as well. 

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