Album Review: Patrick Park – ‘Everyone’s in Everyone’

Patrick Park is a folk singer that didn’t exactly start out to be one (Metallica was more his gig in his youth).  He also used to teach karate so I better give his new CD a good review or he’ll get me. 

Park grew up around Denver, Colorado (which will be pertinent in a minute) and moved to Los Angeles in 1999.  He released the EP ‘Under the Unminding Skies’ and his full-length album ‘Loneliness Knows my Name’ in 2003. 

In the time between those albums and this latest one he’s busied himself touring with other groups.  I was struck by the fact that Park was raised in Denver and my diseased mind had a thought that his album and style reminded me of John Denver, who I also associate with Colorado. 

Although Park sounds nothing like Denver (my brain thinks Denver sounded higher – meaning vocally, not chemically) he seems to have the same folk style. 

“Here We Are” starts off with a guitar riff that made me think of “Rocky Mountain High.”  I think the comparison is valid in that if you liked Denver then you’ll like Park.

Although I’d say that Park still has a “modern” sound in comparison to Denver and maybe a little Bob Dylan thrown into the mix.  It’s a nice, laid back album and a good listen. 

'Everyone's in Everyone' is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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