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Album Review: Halfway to Hazard – ‘Halfway to Hazard’

By Jeff Swindoll Aug 29, 2007, 18:04 GMT

Album Review: Halfway to Hazard – ‘Halfway to Hazard’

Before you get in your orange charger with the rebel flag on the top and shout “Yee-Haw!,” you should know that Halfway to Hazard is a country music duo that has nothing to do with Hazard County or the Duke boys.  “But” you say as you spit out your tobaccy, “they got a song called Daisy, right?”  Yes, they do but it’s not about Daisy Duke.  “Daggnabbit!” say you. 

Chad Warrix and David Tolliver are from Kentucky and had to travel to Hazard, KY to entertain themselves because it had a movie theater and places to eat, unlike their hometowns.  I believe that’s where they met up so it’s a natural name for them as they try to make it in country music. 

Their self-titled debut is their big chance and so far so good.  They’re the opening act for Tim McGraw and Faith Hill’s 2007 tour and I liked what I heard on the album. 

My absolute favorite track is “Welcome to Nashville” which tells of the perils and hazards (insert rimshot here) of trying to make it on country radio.  It’s all too disturbing, true, (see my ramblings about Johnny Cash and Porter Wagoner for my opinion of country radio – don’t ferget who brung you to this square dance country radio) and hilarious a song. 

‘Halfway to Hazard’ is now available at Amazon. Visit the music database for more information.

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