Sturgill Simpson to release LP in June, tours with Dwight Yoakam - dates released

Kentucky native Sturgill Simpson will release a new album, High Top Mountain, due out June 11, 2013.

Simpson will tour with legendary talent Dwight Yoakam and Junior Brown this spring, dates are listed below.

“Best and Most Legit Male Country Singer You Haven’t Heard of Yet.” - Impose Magazine

Sturgill Simpson is going to change the “haven’t” to “have” in the magazine quote above with the release of his debut album—High Top Mountain—out June 11 on his own label, via Thirty Tigers Distribution.

Comprised of 12 tracks, 10 of which are composed by Sturgill alone, range from furious honky-tonk to pre-outlaw country-rocking to spellbinding bluegrass pickin’ to emotional balladry, making the album a one-stop guide to everything genuine in country music.

Raised in eastern Kentucky, Sturgill was exposed at an early age to everything from Delta blues to bluegrass to classic country music. High Top Mountain certainly evokes the depth of inspiration Sturgill felt listening to songs with his maternal grandfather.

“Hero” was written for him. “He’s more responsible than anybody in the world for my very deeply embedded appreciation and love for bluegrass and country music,” says Simpson. “He made sure I heard all the right records. This album is more for him than anybody. If you ask which song on the record hits me the hardest, that’s the one.”

Reaching this point was no simple process. He started playing guitar as child and began writing songs in high school but, following graduation, Simpson drifted in and out of music.

"There was a lot of lost time and acclimation," he says. "There was a disconnect in my life and, frankly, it got pretty crazy." This ambiguity established a pattern of conflict that still colors his work.

"It went between being everyday life and an all-consuming passion, to the point of self-destruction, so I started to view it as a kind of curse. So I'd put it down and say, 'Well, I better go get a job.'"

A stint in the Navy and stretch of years working as a railroad man only further seasoned an inevitable outcome. "I had to go back and forth and few times," Simpson says. "And now I am going to do this, because I've got something to say, in a way that's real."

Sturgill says it all with songs characterized by an engaging directness and dept of emotion—lyrically and musically. High Top Mountain signals the arrival of a powerful new artistic force--part crusader, part honky tonk healer; Simpson never takes the easy path. His songs are filled with dignity and dedication that are sorely missing from some of the music made today. “I’ve started to realize what my purpose is,” Sturgill says. “You have to be honest with music, otherwise anyone can see right through it.”

In anticipation of his High Top Mountain release, Sturgill will be hitting the road. Itinerary is as follows:

4/4    Chicago, IL             Bub City                         

4/5    Indianapolis, IN       Do317 Lounge               

4/6    Cincinnati, OH        Taft Theatre                     Dwight Yoakam

4/7    Springfield, OH       Prairie Capitol Con. Cent.  Dwight Yoakam

4/9    Columbus, OH        Bluestone                        Dwight Yoakam

4/10  Aurora, IL               Paramount Arts Center      Dwight Yoakam

4/12  Rock Island, IL        Rozz Top                       

4/14  Milwaukee, WI         Riverside Theatre              Dwight Yoakam

4/20  Sommerville, MA     Johnny D’s                       Junior Brown

4/21  New York, NY         City Winery                      Junior Brown

4/23  Northampton, MA   Iron Horse                       Junior Brown

4/24  Sellersville, PA        Sellersville, Theatre           Junior Brown

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