Kid rapper Lil Poopy extolls virtues of coke, gold watches and other hacky rap themes

Rapper Lil Poopy hails from Massachusetts, a state not normally associated with nine year old rappers who celebrate driving in Ferraris, coke, b*tches and 'hos.

Lucky for us all is that the Massachusetts child welfare agency is reportedly looking into the work of "Lil Poopy"  the 9-year-old rapper is featured in adult-themed music videos.

CNN reports that the 9-year-old rapper's adult-themed music videos are rising hackles, yet his family is perfectly fine with their son's musical antics. According to CNN affiliate WCVB, Luis Rivera, Lil Poopy's father, says his son is "not doing anything wrong," and that he planned on contacting his lawyer.

Brockton, Massachusetts' native Luie Rivera Jr., aka "Lil Poopy," is seen in videos smacking a woman's butt, flashing wads of cash, riding in a Ferrari and extolling the virtues of coke, saying its "not a bad word."

A "concerned citizen" alerted the state agency is brought in when there is suspicion of physical, mental, or emotional abuse of a child, according to Brockton police Lt. Robert Sergio.

"An investigation is now open," said Cayenne Isaksen, public affairs director for the state agency told CNN.

Lil Poopy is part of the Moroccan-born rapper French Montana's group, Coke Boys.

Watch and talk back, should Lil Poopy be flushed?

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