Steve Aoki statement regarding three deaths at Madrid festival

Tragedy in Spain struck as three women died Wednesday night at a Steve Aoki performance in Madrid in a crowd crush.

The deaths happened at a Halloween party called Thriller Music Park at the Madrid Arena, and, according to a report in El País (as reported by Spin magazine).

Aoki was the headliner at the Madrid festival, though it was estimated that nearly 20,000 were on hand.

Aoki is a Los Angeles based dance DJ regarded top in his field, with a reputation for taking dives and head-banging to his music.

Witnesses told El País that passages and exits became overwhelmed during Aoki's set as people tried to move on and off the dance floor.

M&C received a statement from MSO, Aoki's publicists:

“After my performance last night at Thriller Music Park at the Madrid Arena in Spain, I was devastated to hear that three people had died during a crowd rush at one of the exits.  The safety of my fans has always been my top priority and had I known that there was any distress putting people in jeopardy within the venue I would have ended my show immediately.  My show in Bilbao, Spain tonight will be cancelled out of respect for those who lost their lives and those who are injured. I would like to express my deepest condolences and heart felt prayers to the families and loved ones during this difficult time.”

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