Ben Folds Five looking for fans’ help with new album

Alt-rockers Ben Folds Five are looking to their fans for help with the promotion and release of their new album through an interactive pre-sale campaign on PledgeMusic.

Through the website, Folds fans will have the opportunity to receive exclusive videos, tracks, photos and blogs and be the first to receive the new album. The new promotion will also serve as a way for the Ben Folds Five to raise awareness and funding for Music Education and Music Therapy through PledgeMusic's unique system which offers a percentage of funds collected by an artist to a charity of their choosing.

In a press release, Ben Folds stated: "Most exciting to me is the potential to utilize the talent of our fan base. My audience has always been a talented buncha mothers. The "Ahs" in our song "Not The Same' originally came spontaneously from our audience. "Rock This Bitch" was hollered by some dude in Chicago as was "Do It Anyway". It was our fans who insisted we put together The Bens. I've always had that kind of relationship with the smart asses who listen to my music...some of my favorite versions of my songs have been done by fans, and it sometimes hurts my feelings when it's better. Bastards."

PledgeMusic is a full-service company offering a direct-to-fan system that maximizes an artist's exposure, getting their music out to the world while engaging fans through exclusives and a level of backstage access they wouldn't otherwise receive.

Launched in 2009 by independent artist and social media guru Benji Rogers, PledgeMusic works with a wide range of artists from acts just starting out to more well-known bands on labels. Successful campaigns include Rachael Yamagata, Rhett Miller, The Libertines, Juliana Hatfield, Luscious Jackson, David Lynch Foundation Music, The Damnwells, Funeral For A Friend, Margot & the Nuclear So and So's, Madi Diaz, The Lumineers, Kopecky Family Band and more, with over 600 successful campaigns launched since its inception. The platform has generated five Top 40 albums, and is currently launching and releasing 2 albums per day.

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