Gary Numan on NPR's 'World Cafe' December 15

Tune in to NPR's "World Cafe" tomorrow, December 15 (2-4PM ET) to hear an exclusive interview with Gary Numan.

Legendary electronic music pioneer Gary Numan will be the featured special guest on National Public Radio’s “World Café” with host David Dye this Thursday, December 15 from 2:00-4:00pm ET.

Tune in to hear him discuss his musical influences and history as well as what 2012 holds for the musician.

The two-hour daily program can be heard on over 200 stations nationwide; listeners can find their local station at Online and worldwide fans can hear the broadcast live directly on WXPN: The show will be archived online on NPR later in the day:

Numan is celebrating the release of Dead Son Rising, which was released last week, December 6, via Redeye distribution in the U.S. and globally through This marks his 22nd studio album and is a far more experimental and unique album than previous releases. Dead Son Rising is garnering early critical acclaim overseas and in the U.S.:

“Its diversity is its strength. ‘Big Noise Transmission’ does what it says on the tin, but just as potent is ‘When The Sky Bleeds’ with skeletal electronic rhythms swelling into a chorus where Numan sounds surprisingly soulful. Brilliant!’”

--MOJO, U.K., November 2011

“DEAD SON RISING is a dark, experimental work that reminds us why Trent Reznor is an obvious fan; whispered vocals over a minor chord piano line always work when the desired result is chilling. … As last year’s The Pleasure Principle anniversary tour proved: Numan isn’t far from being at the top of his game, even three decades on–and rising.”                                                     

                                                                                      --Adam Pollock, FILTER, November 2011

“Numan’s latest album, DEAD SON RISING, is a mix of grinding techno and atmospheric dirges, backing lyrics that depict a post-apocalyptic world.”

--Noel Murray, A.V. CLUB-THE ONION, December 2011

“Numan is still Numan, and it’s a lovely darkness with its own set of oscillating peaks and valleys. Standouts ‘For The Rest Of My Life’ and ‘We Are the Lost’ rain ginger balances of Numan’s atmospherically altered accent and darkwave percussion…”

--David Buchanan, CONSEQUENCE OF SOUND.NET, December 2011

“The untouchable mafia dons of the 20th Century are discussing him in deity-like terms ‘Prince: ‘There are still people trying to work out what a genius Gary Numan is.’’. All of that certainly rings true when you’re dealing with an artist who sounds this good 30 years into their career. Gary Numan has delivered one of the great conceptual dystopian rock albums of all time.”                                                                              -- ART ROCKER, U.K., November 2011

“Synth-pop pioneer’s guitar crunch album is a cracker. The tracks ‘Dead Sun Rising’ and ‘Not The Love We Dream Of’ are as good as anything he’s ever done. Dead Son Rising is now and it’s excellent.’”                                                    

 --CLASSIC ROCK, U.K., December 2011

“Another experimental gem…”

--Chris Epting, AOL MUSIC SPINNER, November 2011

“Experimental and classic Numan. Rather than resting on his laurels, Numan is out there fashioning new ones.”                                  

  -- RECORD COLLECTOR, U.K., November 2011

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