Nike releases the ultimate running album

From Nike, the world's leading sports brand, comes an exclusive release by America's premiere electronic maestro James Murphy, a/k/a multi-Grammy-nominated artist LCD Soundsystem. ‘45:33: Nike+ Original Run’ is an original musical composition only available through iTunes - part of a continuing series of releases through the "Nike Sport Music" section of the store.

‘45:33: Nike+ Original Run’ is a unique album written specifically for runners, but its allure extends to all music fans.

Murphy explains, "This appealed to me because it was so anathematic to what you're typically asked to do as an artist: make easily digestible lumps of music for albums, or the radio, or whatever. I'd been thinking of the records I love in which people made one ‘song’ that took up the entire LP and realizing that releasing something like this would otherwise be a virtually impossibility for me, I became excited when the Nike+ project came along."

Driven to create something outside of the limitations imposed by commercial releases, Murphy's own interest in running and his experiences in fight training and jiujitsu informed the conceptual framework of the album

"In testing, I found that 'hard, fast, propulsive' music was NOT the best running music for me... Sometimes the best way to keep running is to find the parts of the run that are actually rests - that while you're still running, you're viewing some of the run as soothing and recuperative, rather than constantly feeling like you're running for your life."

The result is a fresh perspective that takes its audience - music and sports enthusiast alike - through a dynamic range of tempos, rhythms and the unmistakable sound of LCD Soundsystem. Not just for runners, fans of Murphy and his multifarious identities (LCD Soundsystem, producer/engineer, DFA label-head and international DJ) will find this a must-have recording for their collections.

‘45:33: Nike+ Original Run’ is a continuous 45-minute-and-33-second body of music that reflects the arc a runner experiences during a run. Commissioned by Nike, this is the second in the "Nike+ Original Run" series following the recent release of ‘The Crystal Method's Drive: Nike+ Original Run.’ The Nike Sport Music original recordings, along with the Nike+ Coaching Mixes featuring today's hottest music with voiceover instruction from Nike coaches and fitness trainers such as Alberto Salazar and Jay Blahnik, presents the world and its technologically savvy, trendsetting individuals with an innovative tool to enhance their daily lives.

Consumers can purchase ‘LCD Soundsystem's 45:33: Nike+ Original Run’ at the Apple iTunes Music Store for $9.99.


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