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Soundtrack for the movie Doomsday

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Album information

Release Date (USA): 2008-03-18
Release Date (UK):
Artist/s: Anthony Pleeth;Adam / Pirroni, Marco Ant;Tyler Bates;Peter / Johnson, William / O'Toole, Mark Gill;Ariel Rechtshaid;Tim Williams;Adam Ant;Ariel Rechtshaid
Label: Lakeshore Records

Track Listing

1 Dog Eat Dog Marco Pirroni / Adam & The Ants / Adam Ant
2 Two Tribes Frankie Goes To Hollywood
3 Prologue
4 Exodus
5 Boat
6 Piss & Vinegar
7 Block 41
8 It's Medieval Out There
9 Hospital Battle
10 Strung Up
11 Sinclair Slips Free
12 Sword Fight
13 Train Escape
14 Train To Kane
15 Tolamon
16 Captured
17 Prime Suicide
18 Same Shit Different Era
19 Slayer
20 Finish Her Off
21 Bentley Escape
22 Headless Love
23 The Can Can Ariel Rechtshaid

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