Alpha Dog

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You don't have to be a hustler to love the soundtrack to Alpha Dog. You don't have to be a sucker for a wistful yet deeply ironic rendition of "Over the Rainbow," either. You don't even have to know the difference between speed metal and speed rap, though you'll find bits of those on here, too. What you do need is an ear for a skillful assemblage of non-hits and a willingness to insert yourself into the previous decade. Then, the loving comes easy: With the exception of Citizen Cope's "Bullet and a Target," a hand-clappy but street-wise hip-hop/pop hybrid that's as distinctly modern as it is infectious, and Eva Cassidy's "Rainbow," Alpha Dog culls a generous selection of 90s-inspired rap, Latin-tinged R&B and pop. Where it scores highest is originality--producer Aaron Zigman and director Nick Cassavetes could have leaned on Coolio or early Snoop to put their retro-ghetto point across, but they tapped talented newcomers like Mic Holden, a Snoop soundalike, and the rising Midwest rapper Tech N9ne instead. In less capable hands, meaningless bark (consider grunge, another 90s export) might have been the result. Track for track, though, what the soundtrack to Alpha Dog produces is genuine bite. --Tammy La Gorce

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Album information

Release Date (USA): 2007-01-09
Release Date (UK):
Artist/s: Alpha Dog
Label: Milan Records

Track Listing

1 Over the Rainbow Eva Cassidy
2 Enemy and I performed Lazarus
3 Bullet & a Target -Citizen Cope
4 Jake Breaks In Paul Bushnell
5 Caribou Lou Tech N9ne
6 Revolving Paul Bushnell
7 Slither Tech N9ne
8 Liar Miredys Peguero & Paul Graham
9 Winner Paul Bushnell
10 Let¹s Chill Mic Holden, Maya & Reneé Rogers
11 Dragonfly Miredys Peguero & Paul Bushnell
12 LA LA Land Tech N9ne feat. Gina Cassavetes
13 Pool Party- Mic Holden
14 Never Give Up Mic Holden
15 At the Site/Driving to the Site Aaron Zigman & Nick Cassavetes
16 We Are The Lost Lawrence Faljean
17 Basketball Lowd
18 Cookie Monster Paul Graham & Paul Bushnell
19 Elvis Arrested Aaron Zigman
20 Weightlifting Lowd
21 Marco Polo Lowd & Cassie Simone
22 Night and Day Tech N9ne

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