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Its muscular aura of international intrigue informed by smart characters, sharp writing, and a sleek cinematic sense, the episodes of the hit Alias often seem more like a chapters of a successful movie spy franchise than mere network television series. Key to achieving that masterful illusion is young composer Michael Giacchino, whose soundtracks range across a dizzying range of musical styles and dramatic undercurrents. This anthology of cues from the show's first season incorporates shrewd, techno-savvy club beats, sweeping orchestral sequences of pounding action, brooding suspense worthy of Bond, and inventive indigenous music of indeterminate nationality. Firmly grounded in rich Hollywood traditions, yet hip enough to keep an ear cocked to pulsing, contemporary styles, Giacchino's TV scores often outshine those of the pricier, big budget Hollywood boilerplate he's competing with. --Jerry McCulley

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Album information

Release Date (USA): 2003-11-18
Release Date (UK):
Artist/s: Michael Giacchino
Label: Varese Records

Track Listing

1 Main Title
2 Dissolved
3 Red Hair Is Better
4 Spanish Heist
5 Double Life
6 Tunisia
7 In the Garden
8 Looking for a Man
9 Anna Shows Up
10 Home Movies
11 On to Paris
12 Page 47
13 The Prophecy
14 Badenweiler
15 Arvin at the Poles
16 Sleeping Beauty
17 Blow'd Up
18 It's Not the C.I.A.
19 Oh My God!!!!
20 The Tooth Doctor
21 It Was Anna
22 Wet Suits
23 Ball Buster
24 The End?
25 Bristow & Bristow
26 SD-6 Dance Party

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