Abominable Dr Phibes

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Soundtrack for the movie Abominable Dr Phibes

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Album information

Release Date (USA): 2004-10-19
Release Date (UK):
Artist/s: Abominable Dr Phibes
Label: Perseverance Records

Track Listing

1 War March of the Priests
2 Dr. Phibes' Waltz/Cage Full of Bats
3 Phibes Visits Dr. Longstreet/The Curse of Blood/Injection
4 Phibes' Preparations/Locusts
5 Phibes Revealed
6 Vulnavia
7 Dr. Phibes' Theme
8 Operation
9 Charmaine/Medley
10 Vulnavia (Reprise)
11 Dr. Phibes Theme (Reprise)
12 Phibes' House
13 Music Box
14 Suite of Unused Music

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