Music Review: Signs & Signifiers

SiMcPherson’s debut album of twelve original songs recorded on vintage microphones will have rockabilly fans sitting up and taking notice. Many of the tracks are reminiscent of James Brown and a couple, like Dimes for Nickels will remind listeners of early Elvis. The title track is a delightful melding, think rockabilly channeling a bit of techno as the song builds with a strong guitar rift working in the background. A Gentle Awakening has a much slower, darker blues flavor while Scandalous evokes a Louie Armstrong feeling.

Recorded using a 1960’s Berlant ¼-inch tape machine, McPherson conveys shades of good ole country boy, Little Richard, Hip Hop and early R&R along with his own original take to create a timeless sound with broad appeal. This debut album promises more good things to come from this talented musician.


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