MTV’s ‘MADE’ season 8 finale on March 8

>MTV’s Emmy Award series, "MADE" (<A href="">link</A>) goes where it has never gone before with three new episodes premiering on Saturday, March 8th from 10am – 1pm ET/PT. <P></P> <P>These episodes include: "MADE: Debater," which takes you on an international journey to Korea, "MADE: Pro Wrestler," which takes you inside the hard core world of TNA wrestling, and "MADE: Rock Star," which propels you into the crazy life of a wannabe rock star. </P> <P><STRONG>Made: Rock Star (10 AM)</STRONG> – Straight A student Andrew Hisel doesn’t have very many friends, so to gain some rocker popularity he wants to compete in his school’s Battle of the Bands. The only problem? He’s never picked up a guitar, doesn’t have a band, and might very well be tone deaf, but help is on the way as Andrew gets a bonafide rock star to teach him a little bit about stage swagger.</P> <P><STRONG>Made: Debater (11 AM)</STRONG> – Fun loving, ditzy cheerleader Aja Gerrity wants to be in touch with her serious side by joining the debate team. But before she can sound smart she needs to believe she is smart! Follow her international journey as she takes on discouraging friends, a hectic schedule and a case of major stage fright in order to debate against the smartest kids in the country!</P> <P><BR><STRONG>Made: Pro Wrestler (12 Noon)</STRONG> – Chris Hendricks is a self-described "choir queer" who’s sick of being stereotyped as weak just because he’s gay. He wants to be made into a larger-than-life pro wrestler so he can prove to everyone that he’s tough enough to take a punch. </P> <P>With help from his coaches, Motor City Machine Guns Alex Shelley and Chris Sabin from TNA Wrestling, Chris will bulk up and learn how to throw a punch and take a fall. But with only six weeks of training before his first professional match, it’s anyone’s guess whether or not he’ll be ready to rumble.</P> <P>"MADE" (<A href="">link</A>) chronicles the challenges and accomplishments that young people face as they attempt a life-changing transformation.   To assist on their journey in accomplishing their "makeover", MTV (<A href=""></A>) provides a coach who doubles as a mentor.   </P> <P>You can view full episodes on And just as the show inspires the on-air participants to achieve their goals, fans can launch their own personal development journeys at (<A href="">here</A>), MTV’s online community that connects viewers who "wanna be made" with coaches that offer tips and techniques to inspire success.  Every journey is chronicled on the viewers’ profile page including blog entries and personal progress ratings.</P>Note the date on this article may be incorrect due to importing it from our old system.