Paramount and Brad Pitt go manga for ‘Miki Falls’

Paramount Pictures and Brad Pitt’s Plan B have picked up the screen rights for the four-volume manga series "Miki Falls" by Mark Crilley, and hired TV writer Sera Gamble to pen the adaptation.

Variety reports the film will chronicle the final year of high school for Miki Yoshida who tries to make friend with handsome new student Hiro Sakurai. When Hiro refuses the friendship, Miki decides not to take no for an answer - which leads to a surprising revelation about the young man.

Crilley made a name for himself with his "Akiko" young adult novels and comics. His first "Miki Falls" book was published in May 2007 by HarperTeen.

Gamble (who was a finalist on "Project Greenlight" for her screenplay "Cheeks") made a name for herself as a staff writer on ABC’s “Eyes” and is a producer on the CW Network series "Supernatural."

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