The Hurt Locker -

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The film is inspired by real events and uses recently declassified information as it follows the lives of an Army Explosive Ordinance Disposal team in Baghdad as they contend with bombs and other dangers.

Movie information

Release Date (USA): 2009-06-26
Rating (USA): R
Release Date (UK): 2009-08-28
Rating (UK) : R18
Director: Kathryn Bigelow
Producer: Kathryn Bigelow; Mark Boal; Nicolas Chartier; Greg Shapiro
Studio: Summit Entertainment
Writer/s: Mark Boal


Jeremy Renner Staff Sergeant William James
Anthony Mackie Sergeant JT Sanborn
Brian Geraghty Specialist Owen Eldridge
Ralph Fiennes Contractor Team Leader
Guy Pearce Sergeant Matt Thompson David Morse
Evangeline Lilly Connie James
Christian Camargo Colonel John Cambridge



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