The House of the Devil -

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Samantha (Jocelin Donahue) is all alone. She is a starving student with an obnoxious roommate who makes noisy love with a dumb boyfriend. Plus Samantha can’t find a job anywhere which is a special problem because she just rented a nice new apartment from a kindly woman who noticed how nice Samantha is.

Well that won’t last for long, my horror aficionados, because Samantha is going to take a baby sitting job in “The House of the Devil.”

Movie information

Release Date (USA): 2009-10-30
Rating (USA): R
Release Date (UK): 2010-03-19
Rating (UK) : R18
Director: Ti West
Producer: Josh Braun ; Larry Fessenden; Roger Kass; Peter Phok
Studio: N/A
Writer/s: Ti West


Jocelin Donahue Samantha
Tom Noonan Mr. Ulman
Mary Woronov Mrs. Ulman
Greta Gerwig Megan
AJ Bowen Victor Ulman


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